*** gtkmm 2.22:

gtkmm 2.21 wraps new API in GTK+ 2.21. It will become the API/ABI-stable 
gtkmm 2.22 when GTK+ 2.22.0 is released. gtkmm 2.21 is API/ABI-compatibile with 
gtkmm >=2.4. It is a version of the gtkmm-2.4 API.

gtkmm stays in-sync with GTK+ by following the official GNOME release schedule:

Bindings for the rest of the GNOME Platform are also available, and are also 

*** Changes (unstable):

* IconView: Added tooltip-column and reorderable and
  item-padding properties.
* MessageDialog: Added message-area properties.
* TextBuffer: Added get_copy_target_list() and
* AlignmentEnum: Add ALIGN_START and ALIGN_END to match gtkmm 3,
  to help future porting.
* Improved API reference documentation.

*** Development 

There is active discussion on the mailing list:
and in the #c++ channel on

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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