Anjuta 2.91.3 released

What is Anjuta DevStudio?

Anjuta DevStudio is a versatile software development studio featuring a
number of advanced programming facilities including project management,
application wizard, interactive debugger, source editor, version
control, GUI designer, profiler and many more tools. It focuses on
providing simple and usable user interface, yet powerful for efficient

Anjuta 2.91.3 "Lebkuchen - yay!" (30 November 2010) -- Johannes Schmid

WARNING: This is an unstable development snapshot

- Git Shell: Git interface has changed to be context sensitive (James)
- Project Manager: New project manager landed with much better capabilities (Sébastien)
- clang-analyzer: New plugin to use the clang analyzer

Bugs fixed:
615345 Tabs in AnjutaTabber should not expand to all available space
631213 locale.h included twice in main.c
633112 Smart Brace Completion Quotation Mark Crash
633911 Unknown (translation)
635121 language-support-cpp-java: fix invalid read of paranthese-size setting
635795 Editing crashes anjuta
631521 create project in folder c++

Thanks to: Abderrahim Kitouni,Akom Chotiphantawanon, Alexander Shopov,
Antonio Fernandes C. Neto, Ask H. Larsen, Bruno Brouard, Carl-Anton Ingmarsson,
Claude Paroz, Daniel Nylander, Duarte Loreto, Fran Diéguez, Gabor Kelemen,
Gheyret T.Kenji, James Liggett, Joan Duran, Jonh Wendell, Jorge González,
Kjartan Maraas, Leonid Kanter, Mario Blättermann, Massimo Corà, Matej Urbančič
Milo Casagrande, Nikos Bakaoukas, Petr Kovar, Philip Withnall, Saleem Ansari
Sébastien Granjoux, Simos Xenitellis, Yang Hong



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