GNOME 2.32.1 released

Pleased to meet you!

The first update to GNOME 2.32 (and my own first release) is now
available. It provides bug fixes, translation updates and the usual care
and kindness that our brave GNOME developers and contributors deserves
to details.

More information about the GNOME schedule is available here:

The GNOME 2.32 release notes are available at:

The notes that describe the changes between 2.32.0 and 2.32.1 are

  admin    -
  bindings -
  desktop  -
  devtools -
  mobile   -
  platform -

The GNOME 2.32.1 release is available here:

  admin sources    -
  bindings sources -
  desktop sources  -
  devtools sources -
  mobile sources   -
  platform sources -

To compile GNOME 2.32.1, you can use the jhbuild modulesets available

We hope you'll love it,

   The GNOME Release Team

PS this could be the latest GNOME 2.x release

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