ANNOUNCE: tracker 0.7.28 released

tracker 0.7.28 is now available for download from:

83278bc13388ffb9ed49906ce099a942  tracker-0.7.28.tar.gz

What is it?
All-in-one indexer, search tool and metadata database.

Where can I find out more?
You can visit the project web site:

What's New?

Improvements / New:

  * Fixed po/, was missing
  * Fixed a number of reference documentation breakages
  * Fixed some build warnings when running configure
* Don't require Cairo and GDK for libpoppler-glib directly (they are deps)

  * Added tracker:notify for mfo:Enclosure
  * Added maemo:localPhoneNumber property
  * Added nmo:MMSMessage class
* Removed nie:InformationElement as sub-class for nmo:Message (already the case with nfo:TextDocument)
  * Removed nrl:maxCardinality for nco:url
  * Removed nrl:maxCardinality for nco:websiteUrl
  * Removed nrl:maxCardinality for nco:blogUrl
  * Removed nrl:maxCardinality for nco:foafUrl
  * Removed mto:state-user-paused
  * Removed mto:state-user-cancelled
  * Removed mto:state-user-started

  Functional Tests:
  * Writeback test cases updated for changes in sources

  * Check for Namespace and Ontology re-definition

  * Added tests for tracker-dbus module
  * Added tests for tracker-type-utils module (to complete tests)

  * Added tests for journal replay
  * Added tests for ontology change coping
* Improve journal replay time to 58s for ~53k resources (twice 0.7.26 speed)
  * Fixed warnings and errors found by vala master
  * Support journal replay of modest ontology changes

  * Fixed xmp tests to run only when EXEMPI is available

  * Fixed tests for more recent ld versions
  * Fixed includes so we only use <libtracker-miner/tracker-miner.h>
  * Added support for GIO and GIO's MOVE event.
  * Added tests for tracker-monitor module

  * Disable old test utils/tracker-fts/tracker-fts-test.c
  * Separate FTS index from virtual table initialization

  * Fixed TRCK handling in MP3 extraction, don't assume they are valid
* Removed dummy.c example, it was out of date (use examples/libtracker-extract instead)

  * Added icon for files/applications miner desktop files

* Added pass optional all/store/miners arguments for --kill and --terminate
  * Handle binaries starting with "lt-" for testing inside src dir

  * Show application's icon next to listed applications
  * Hide the results window when clicking outside it
  * Hide the results window when search entry is empty
  * Added icons for bookmark and tag results
  * Do not trigger the window popup on every key press
  * Make pixbuf size 24² to make all rows in the results the same height

  * Fixed background gradient for metadata to use BG color
  * Fixed Ctrl+S so it now focuses on the search entry widget
  * Fixed metadata link buttons to be insensitive with no selection
  * Fixed metadata link buttons to ellipsize
  * Use GAppInfo to launch default applications
  * Set search entry's label mnemonic to focus search entry


  * GB#613562, tracker-search displays results for unavailable data


  * Updated de: Mario Blättermann
  * Updated sl: Andrej Žnidaršič
  * Updated es: Jorge González


  This release is considered a Release Candidate for 0.8. Assuming no
  major regressions are found with it, the next release is likely to
  be 0.8.0.

  The database version up has been incremented, this will force a
  reindex for any existing Tracker installation.

  The Deskbar applet has now been removed from Tracker.

25 March 2010
Tracker team

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