GSQL. Release 0.2.2

The « laty » release.

This release comes with an initial version of PostgreSQL engine and
this is a significant step forward in the development of the project.

About GSQL

The mission of GSQL opensource project is to supply database
developers with an universal tool platform tailored against market
leading DBMS by providing:

 - native DBMS access (not via ODBC layer)
 - databased objects organised into a tree
 - intuitive and easy database objects handling
 - syntax highlighting
... etc.

Changes since 0.2.1

Whats new:
 - PostgreSQL support (experimental)
 - Plugin Tunnel (libssh 0.4.* is required)

Bugs fixed:
 - Fix some typos and GUI stuff (#25 and #29)
 - Fix oracle crashed on deleting variables (#23)
 - Added port number to MySQL and PGSQL login dialog (#21)
 - Fix mysql crashed with invalid query (#30)

Latest versions are available at:

  Source code:
  Ubuntu's binary: able to download after Ubuntu 10.04 release
                   or use '$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:halturin/gsql'

What's next?
please, follow to
for more info.

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