Tegaki 0.3.1 released

*** Tegaki

Tegaki is a free and open-source handwriting recognition project for
Chinese and Japanese characters.


   * is free and open-source
   * is multi-platform
   * focuses on Chinese (simplified and traditional) and Japanese characters
   * supports 2 different recognition engines
   * aspires to work on both desktop-PCs and mobile devices

*** Highlights for this release

- ibus-tegaki: initial release
- tegaki-wagomu: now builds on OS X
- tegaki-python: new sqlite-based character collection
- tegaki-pygtk: support for fake key events
- tegaki-recognize: send input to currently selected program
- tegaki-train: new character collection support
- tegaki-webcanvas: IPhone support

*** Contributors for this release

- Mathieu Blondel
- Christoph Burgmer
- Shawn M Moore

*** Download


*** Homepage


The Tegaki project contributors

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