Gnote 0.6.4 released!

0.6.4 "Spring is here" - 2010/03/22

This is the fourth release of the old 0.6.x series, and contains
important bug-fixes and minor features. People using older versions of
this series are advised to update.

Gnote is a C++ port of Tomboy. It is a desktop note-taking
application, which is simple and easy to use, but with potential to
help you organize the ideas and information you deal with every day.

New Features:

* 604779 - Right click to change active row in search window


* 588537 - Keywords don't become clickable links when part of a list
* 592937 - URLs starting with ~ can not be opened (eg., ~/Music)
* 597942 - _Previous and _Next accelerators not working
* 598045 - Repeated Find Previous does not work
* 601459 - Open context menu with keyboard key
* 602493 - Double context menu
* 606022 - Special characters within titles prevent clickable links
* 608311 - Auto-selection of newly created note's contents is broken in
           multi-byte language
* 610406 - Make sharp::string_to_lowercase() and sharp::string_substring
           Unicode aware


* Updated translations:
  - Bengali India (bn_IN)


* Aurimas Černius
* Iain Nicol

Download, Home Page, Support:
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    -- Andrew Koenig

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