GObject Introspection 0.6.9

Hello Internets,

GObject Introspection 0.6.9 is now available, with some bugfixes.

The 0.6 series is still in development, suitable for development and
evaluation, while work continues on finalization.


Alan Knowles (1):
      Small fix to handle @attributes:  .... (.....)  as a parameter
to a function

Colin Walters (4):
      [MAINTAINERS] Add Colin Walters <walters verbum org>
      [configure.ac] Post-release version bump
      Enumerations can be negative
      [giroffsets] Also update this code for change to signed enumeration values

Johan Dahlin (3):
      [everything] Add alternative boxed constructors
      Merge remote branch 'origin'
      [glib] Add g_convert annotations

Maxim Ermilov (1):
      Fix g_file_enumerator_next_files_finish annotation

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