gjs-0.6 released

Version 0.6

 5c5a54bbb819bfaea1e0e76f0508467e8d5690360ab550e1284951d905a56e5d gjs-0.6.tar.bz2
 bdc8cb189503b3bef2bfb231327023e423aea9e31395a0a87667e05f4a348df6 gjs-0.6.tar.gz

About Gjs:
  Gjs allows using GNOME libraries from Javascript. It's based on the
  Spidermonkey Javascript engine from Mozilla and the GObject
  introspection framework.

 - Optimize function invocation using libffi directly, speeding up
   function invocation benchmarks by as much as 30%. (Colin)
 - Add a native Cairo module (Johan D)
 - Don't include user_data arguments for callbacks, in Javascript
   you should use closures instead (Florian, Tommi)
 - Add a --command/-c argument to gjs-console
 - Add gjs_context_get_native_context() to allow access to the
   native context (James)
 - Improve internal API support for collecting function arguments and
   defining types (Johan D)
 - Add examples using gio and libsoup (Johan D)
 - Add datadir/share/gjs-1.0 to searchpath in addition to XDG_DATA_DIRS (Johan D)
 - Add -rpath for libmozjs when linking gjs-console (Johan D)
 - Improve test cases and add internal assertions (Colin, Johan B, Tommi)
 - Bug fixes (Dan, Johan B, Maxim, Tommi)

  Johan Bilien, Johan Dahlin, Maxim Ermilov, Tommi Komulainen, Florian Müllner,
  Colin Walters, James Willco, Dan Winship

Bugs fixed:
  561524 - gjs-console also needs rpath for libmozjs.so
  604075 - Install context-jsapi.h
  604076 - C invocation speedups
  606258 - remove user_data arguments
  609691 - Release 0.5
  609830 - Alt-F2 error messages do not understand Unicode
  610241 - [gjs-console] Add a --command/-c argument
  610320 - [jsapi-utils] Add support for doubles
  610370 - [cairo] Add a cairo module
  610574 - [jsapi-util] Add a few convenience macros
  611529 - functions with out arguments have wrong argument indexing
  611585 - Attempts to free stack allocated arguments
  611590 - gjs_callback_from_arguments accesses argv out of bounds
  611591 - gjs_invoke_c_function accesses out_arg_cvalues out of bounds
  611811 - [tests] Run "torture" test functions from everything
  613106 - support build with mozilla-js that compiled with --disable-threadsafe --enable-debug

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