ANNOUNCE: nautilus-python 0.6.0

The new release is available at

Overview of changes in 0.6.0:
    - Remove eel dependency (Vincent Untz)
    - Sanitize python search path (Mark Lee)
    - Remove gnomevfs dependency and unused code (Daniel Holbach)
    - Load python from lib64 in 64 bit multilib distributions (Ted Toth)
    - Fix segfault when a plugin doesn't implement the __init__ method
    - Added the can_write, get_mount, get_file_type, get_location,
        and get_parent_location methods to the NautilusFileInfo object
    - Added the NautilusMenu.get_items method
    - Updated some example plugins
    - Bug fix for some PyThreadState_New segmentation faults
    - Use the nautilus prefix by default for distfiles, rather than /usr
    - Require nautilus-2.22 and pygobject-2.16 now that we support GIO

    Nautilus-python provides python bindings for the Nautilus File Manager's
    extension framework.  Using nautilus-python, developers can easily extend
    nautilus in python by adding context menu items, additional columns, and
    property pages, amongst other things.

nautilus-python requires:
    nautilus >= 2.22.0
    pygtk >= 2.8.0
    gnome-python >= 2.12.0
    pygobject >= 2.16.0
    python >= 2.3.5

Bug reports should be made in GNOME's bugzilla:

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