GNOME Shell 2.29.0 released

GNOME Shell 2.29.0 is now available at:

7429cd9689e1a2e302b1c23e06c576ee6b0542a7f1c72c4c0efce3d83842aa58 gnome-shell-2.29.0.tar.bz2
bc1dd6426c59e4a93d2768c408d5b34181aa722d5e83ea4c811c1eb19261e3f5 gnome-shell-2.29.0.tar.gz

Note on Clutter requirement: Due to problems encountered in testing 
  GNOME Shell against Clutter 1.1, gnome-shell-2.29.0 still requires
  Clutter 1.0. We expect to have the problems in Clutter and gnome-shell
  resolved before the release of gnome-shell-2.29.1, and switch over
  to requiring Clutter 1.1 for that.

About GNOME Shell

GNOME Shell provides core user interface functions for the GNOME 3
desktop, like switching to windows and launching applications. 
GNOME Shell takes advantage of the capabilities of modern graphics
hardware and introduces innovative user interface concepts to 
provide a visually attractive and easy to use experience.

This is still a VERY EARLY version of GNOME Shell and should not be
taken of indicative of the final user interface or performance.

We are providing tarball releases at this point largely to allow
distributions to start building packaging for GNOME Shell. If you are
interested in building GNOME Shell from source, we would recommend
building from version control using the build script described at:

Not only will that give you the very latest version of this rapidly
changing project, it will be much easier than get GNOME Shell and
its dependencies to build from tarballs.

Changes since 2.28.0

* New message tray showing notifications sliding into the bottom of the screen.
  Includes a status area for past notifications, and also pulls in "urgent
  window" handled in GNOME 2 by flashing the taskbar. 
  [Dan, Marina, Florian M, Adel, Jon N]
* Add the ability to set your presence to the user status menu [Dan]
* Allow switching the overview between a grid and linear view of workspaces [Maxim]
* Redo the application browser to use a grid of icons [Maxim]
* Initial version of the extension system [Colin, Siegfried]
* Initial support for RTL layout in ST and the shell [Abderrahim]
* Add undo capability to overview, e.g., when removing favorites [Maxim]
* New workspace switcher popup [Adel, Mads]

* Work on visual appearance to match mockups [Adel, Colin, Florian M]
* Port most of existing code to CSS [Colin]
* Other visual improvements
  - Show a scaled-up excerpt from the application item in the panel [Colin]
  - Minimize windows to 'Activities' button [Adel]
  - Fade out desktop icons when showing overview =Florian M]
  - Use a fixed ordering for well-known icons in the system tray [Colin]
  - Nicer animation of hidden windows when transitioning to/from the overview [Leon]
  - Draw a ripple when the hot corner is hit [Owen - collaboratively hacked in a MIT IAP session]

* App switcher (Alt-Tab) improvements
  - Many behavior and visual refinements based on design feedback [Dan]
  - Show a separator between windows on this and other workspaces [Steve]
  - Position on the currently focused monitor [Adel]
  - Bug fixes [Steve]

* Miscellaneous behavioral improvements
  - Allow workspace switching by mousewheel on indicators in overview ]Adel]
  - Allow dropping on workspace indicators [Adel]
  - Enable DND of search results [Florian M]
  - When closing a window from the overview that puts up a confirm dialog,
    switch to that dialog [Florian M]
  - When the sidebar is collapsed, auto-hide it [Florian S]
  - Show "No matching results" when search matches nothing [Colin]
  - Limit user to 16 workspaces [Dan]
  - Allow clicking on any part of section headers in the dash for browsing [Florian M]
  - Match on executable names as well when searching [Florian M]
  - For clock AM/PM vs. 24-hour based on the locale ['res']

* ST (Shell Toolkit) improvements
 - CSS addtions:
    . width/height [Steve]
    . max-width/max-height [Dan]
    . -st-shadow [Florian M]
    . gradients [Colin, Florian M]
    . radial gradients [Florian M]
    . Non-uniform border widths (when no corner radius) [Colin]
    . text-decoration: [underline|strikethrough] [Colin]
 - Make allocation behavior consistent across actors [Dan]
 - Support fixed-position children in StBoxLayout [Colin]
 - Support raising and lowering children in StBoxLayout [Colin]
 - Add st_box_layout_move_child and st_box_layout_insert_actor [Marina]
 - Add st_box_layout_remove_all, st_box_layout_destroy_children, st_box_layout_get_n_children [Colin]
 - Add StClickable, StOverflowBox actors [Colin]
 - Support setting scrollbar policy on StScrollView [Colin]
 - Support shadows on edges of StScrollView to hint at more content [Maxim]

* Make places results available in search [JP]
* Handle changes to the current resolution [Maxim, Florian M]
* Bug fixes for multihead support [Florian S, Siegfried]
* Make screen shell recorder work again [Owen, Jon N]

* More miscellaneous improvements
 - Add gnome-shell --eval-file=<file> to eval file in running shell via D-BUS [Colin]
 - Add eject buttons to places section [Florian M]
 - Add completion to the Alt-F2 run dialog [Maxim]
 - Make screen recording parameters configurable [Adel]
 - Add an initial version of a manpage [Marcelo]

* Performance improvements [Colin, Florian M]
* Code cleanups [Adel, Colin, Dan, Marina, Owen]
* Bug fixes [Adel, Carlos, Colin, Dan, Florian M, Gustavo, Jon M, JP, Maxim, 
  Nickolas, Owen, Siegfried, Steve]
* Build fixes [Andre, Colin, Dan, Javier, Marina, Maxim, Owen, Richard]

Code Contributors:
  Maxim Ermilov, Steve Frécinaux, Adel Gadllah, Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals,
  Leon Handreke, Richard Hughes, Abderrahim Kitouni, Andre Klapper, Javier Jardón,
  Nickolas Lloyd, William Jon McCann, Florian Müllner, Carlos Martín Nieto, Jon Nettleton,
  JP St. Pierre, Gustavo Noronha Silva, Owen Taylor, Marcelo Jorge Vieira, 
  Mads Villadsen, Colin Walters, Dan Winship, Marina Zhurakhinskaya, 'res'

  William Jon McCann, Jeremy Perry (and others)

  Khaled Hosny (ar), Ivaylo Valkov (bg), Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals (ca),
  Petr Kovar (cz), Mario Blättermann (de), Kris Thomsen (dk), Jorge González (es),
  Timo Jyrinki (fi), Claude Paroz (fr), Antón Méixome (gl), Jennie Petoumenou (gr),
  Liel Fridman (he), Gabor Kelemen (hu), Milo Casagrande (it), Kjartan Maraas (nb),
  A S Alam (pa), Amanda Magalhães (pt_BR), Lucian Grijincu (ro),
  Sergey V. Kovylov, Andrey Korzinev, Marina Zhurakhinskaya (ru), Miloš Popović (sb),
  Daniel Nylander (se), Matej Urbančič (sl), Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy (vi), 'jiero' (zh_CN)

Bugs fixed:

 571109 Handle minimized windows better when switching to/from overlay
 582229 Warnings everytime app monitor saves active apps
 582655 associate windows per application in workspace view
 582763 Maximising windows can make them very blocky as they "grow"
 584526 Doesn't handle resolution changes
 585473 BigRectangle: Use pre-multiplied colors
 587069 Move the selection to the first search result on search and perform queued searches when the user hits Enter
 588056 Add xterm and x11-apps as dependency in Debian and Ubuntu
 590686 Can alt-Tab out of grab
 591854 Removing all favorites makes it impossible to add new ones
 591866 Implement new search design
 591912 background doesn't show when nautilus isn't drawing the desktop
 592024 dash: Make recent docs display two columns
 593844 Alternative overview design idea
 594556 Workspace indicator should darken for app-well menu
 594671 improve new workspace button
 595321 memory leaks (ongoing)
 596264 2.28 tracker
 596984 [docDisplay] Fix minimum height request, handle 0 allocation better
 597044 More flexible interface for adding widgets to Chrome
 597119 try to prevent accidental double trigger of overview
 597271 Playing Full screen flash videos result into npviewer showing up in the app wheel
 597577 Applications Menu not showing anything
 597677 Completion in alt+F2
 597679 No overview of all desktops and can't close
 597721 Fix overview to show on the correct monitor
 597791 [AppSwitcher] Fix hiding the arrow on application change.
 597882 Time ago strings don't get translated
 597900 refinements for alt+tab
 597919 [lg] Scroll to bottom when pushing a result
 597944 [alt-tab] Separate windows in thumbnail list
 598034 app well click should prefer current workspace
 598111 typing too quickly results in the wrong application being launched
 598227 Create ShellApp, rebase things on it
 598313 use a stable ordering for core OS tray icons
 598319 Improve transition to zoomed app
 598324 refinements for the window selector
 598389 Frequent wrong application ordering in alt-tab
 598390 Screencasting doesn't work.
 598462 [StBoxLayout] Support fixed-position children
 598502 crash while doing stuff
 598646 Split ShellAppMonitor into ShellWindowTracker, ShellAppUsage
 598651 [AppSwitcher] Reimplement the separator using St.Bin
 598691 [ShellGConf] Annotate list setters
 598786 search not working with umlauts
 598983 application menu does not have application name text
 599125 Add Places to Search Panel. Eventually support files like "/home/" in the search panel.
 599141 icon disappears from app menu
 599206 [ShellWindowTracker] Don't skip "uninteresting" windows for focus
 599412 [AppIcon] Keep glow up to date directly
 599442 Port dash section headers to CSS
 599560 [GenericDisplay] Only do redisplay when mapped
 599561 Store GjsContext pointer in ShellGlobal
 599661 in-progress work on extensionSystem
 599926 multihead fullscreen hides activities panel
 600672 Search Results is never showed after no results
 600734 More Apps redesign and dependent infrastructure
 600890 [genericDisplay] When setting a search, do a redisplay immediately
 600982 Mouse lost behind the interface...on top of screen and in Activities screen
 600999 fade out desktop icons if necessary when showing overview
 601287 should not require support for URIs from apps when openning files from the recent files list
 601290 Warning from titleless window
 601413 [dash] Move BackLink to CSS
 601458 Add presence items to status menu and port to JS
 601854 [overview] Integer align workspace and pane positioning
 601875 Sidebar not working anymore
 602131 Port AppWell to CSS
 602370 [PATCH] - clear text when closing run dialogue
 602456 Syncronous fsync() in idle_save_application_usage()
 602532 Overview should switch to confirm dialogs when closing
 602598 WindowOverlay positions don't get updated when adding/removing workspaces in the overview
 602772 Close button disappears when zooming in overview
 602774 Selecting window not possible if only shown windows of one application
 602802 Home Folder from shell-uri-util.c does not get translated
 602976 Right click on places
 603078 wrong sizing of 'all workspace' windows in overview
 603327 Under Debian Testing, after a perfect build of the source, the shell don't start
 603522 Add ShellDocSystem
 603523 Add search.js, rebase search system on top
 603546 Add a message tray with icons for ongoing conversations
 603691 Add drop shadows to close buttons in overview
 604005 places shortcuts should be searchable
 604118 Autohide sidebar
 604177 position sidebar on primary screen
 604945 Implement radial gradients in CSS / St.Widget.
 604963 Fix application thumbnail sizing when the height is greater than the width of a window.
 605035 Free the family string in st_theme_node_get_font()
 605249 Manpage for GNOME Shell
 605491 Misc style/UI changes
 605724 No rule to make target `Pango-1.0.gir`
 605877 crash after excessive opening and closing the overview mode
 606209 Search does not allow the user to correct typos
 606257 updated look for running app indicator
 606331 drop messaging.js, use notification-daemon protocol for IM stuff
 606418 ALT+F2 doesnt'work in PATH is misconfigured
 606460 need to decide the max number of workspaces allowed
 606743 [search] Match on executable names as well
 606755 handle long notifications better
 606918 notifications from xchat throw error
 606921 show summary mode briefly after notification
 606922 duplicate entries for the home directory if desktop is home dir
 607244 Don't show the empty messagetray
 607351 Drag point wrong for application icons
 607803 [WorkspaceView] Allow workspace switching using mousewheel + indicators
 607824 Inconsistent mousewheel direction on workspace overview indicators
 607825 [StButton] Hold ref to button until animation completes
 607826 Window previews change positions when the number of workspaces changes
 607872 Minor improvements to the new workspaces views
 607882 docSystem related crash
 608058 message tray isn't resolution aware
 608062 [AppIcon] Leave overview when launching apps
 608095 [ShellGlobal] Add shell_global_gc
 608119 [StShadowTexture] Fix invalid unref of CoglHandle
 608502 crashes caught on tape
 608715 StWidget: Don't redraw gradient when size doesn't change
 608746 Remove C99 use of non-constant initializers
 608801 recent items list grid is weird and takes up space
 608802 Setting "type" after construct fails with new glib
 608847 st_widget_recompute_style triggers reallocation on map
 608848 [ShellGenericContainer] Simplify tracking of skip-paint children
 608914 Solid backgrounds may not be drawn
 608915 Ellipsization problems in message tray
 608933 InfoBar in overview.
 608995 [recorder] Make parameters configureable
 609053 [recorder] Use GL_MESA_pack_invert if available
 609079 Consume windows by the Activities button on minimize
 609135 Draw a ripple when the hot corner is hit
 609187 Fancier workspace switcher popup
 609206 windows titles not updated in overview window picker when they change
 609243 Problems activating a zoomed window or cancelling overview
 609257 [altTab] Position on the currently focused monitor
 609339 Initialize global->root_pixmap to the stage color
 609357 new button pressed look
 609401 Change overview style to match latest mockup
 609453 Fix up notification layout for subclassing
 609454 Style for <delegate>.destroy() methods 
 609507 Alt+F2 does not work
 609521 [main.js] Fix up "window-added/removed" callbacks
 609522 [recorder] Fix recording when pipeline is not set
 609604 [StScrollView] Implement bottom/top shadows.
 609613 Switch to the corresponding app when the notification icon is clicked
 609673 Improve scrolling behaviour in linear view
 609765 Show message tray in the overview, and other message tray changes
 609777 fallback icons cause items in alt-tab to be the wrong size
 609811 Missed files in install rules.
 609838 add missing files that have translatable strings
 609848 Make allocation handling more consistent
 609871 Add the workspaces view key to the gconf schema
 609913 [Overview] Make indicators drop targets
 610027 Search results should display running apps, switch to them when selected
 610039 [main.js] Don't handle panel-run-dialog twice
 610049 workspaceswitcher popup should have same proportions as actual screen
 610070 alignment of window captions in window selector
 610203 Tiled backgrounds are not displayed properly in the overview
 610324 Assert in _shell_app_system_register_app
 610417 failed build with mutter 2.29
 610520 Summary shows/hides after the overview transition
 610549 notification-daemon / message tray should handle "\n" in the body text specially
 610594 Add demands attention support to the messagetray

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