ANNOUNCEMENT: gnome-keyring 2.91.4

gnome-keyring is the part of the GNOME Desktop that saves your passwords
and encryption keys securely.

This is a development release.

Notes for Packagers:

 * A new library: libgck

 * Use --with-gtk=3.0 to build with GTK 3.0

 * libgp11 library has gone away.

 * Tries to find root certificates by default in configure.

 * A new config file /etc/xdg/pkcs11.conf.defaults
   - This is a work in progress and may not last past the next

 * Some helpful notes for distributors:

Changes between 2.91.3 and 2.91.4:

 * gck library loads PKCS#11 modules from /usr/lib/pkcs11
 * PKCS#11 config file in /etc/xdg/pkcs11.conf[.defaults]
 * Many ASN.1 encoding fixes.
 * Refactor how tests work.
 * Install standalone PKCS#11 modules to a consistent location.
 * Memory leaks and other bug fixes.
 * Allow enumeration of objects in specific PKCS#11 slots as well
   as modules.
 * Add GcrCertificateChain for building certificate chains.
 * Implementation of the initial PKCS#11 Trust Assertions spec.
 * Add GcrPkcs11Certificate for looking up certificates in PKCS#11
   modules by issuer.
 * Expose gcr functionality for setting which PKCS#11 modules to use.
 * Find the root certificates by default.
 * Move to a single header model for libgcr.
 * Don't load *.la files when looking for PKCS#11 modules.
 * Fixes for GTK+3.0
 * New xdg-store PKCS#11 module with support for storing trust
 * Rename old user-store to gnome2-store since it stores its data
   in old formats in the old .gnome2 location.

Details of changes between 2.91.3 and 2.91.4:

Ivar Smolin (1):
      [l10n] Updated Estonian translation

Jasper Lievisse Adriaanse (1):
      [daemon] Fix pointer truncation by including header.

Martin Rapavý (1):
      Fix build so it respects DESTDIR

Mário Buči (1):
      Updated Slovak translation

Stef Walter (110):
      [user-store] Move old junky data file stuff into old user store.
      [gnome2-store] Rename the user-store to gnome2-store
      [egg] Add egg_asn1x_append() for adding to SEQ OF or SET OF
      [gkm] GkmSerializable uses gpointer instead of guchar
      [gcr] Functions for access GcrCertificate subject/issuer raw DER
      [xdg-store] Initial xdg-store with trust storage.
      [gcr] Implement gcr_trust_xxx() functions.
      [gcr] Use gpointer instead guchar for GSimpleCertificate
      [tool] Add 'trust-exception' command to gnome-keyring tool.
      [rpc-layer] Install to correct directory.
      [daemon] Load the new xdg-store storage module.
      [gkm] Add function for creating unique filename in transaction.
      [gcr] Save subject and md5 hash as well when storing trust.
      [tool] Implement setting of trust-exception
      [xdg-store] Implement writing of objects in xdg-store.
      [egg] Add accessor functions for enumerated ASN.1 values.
      [testing] Add function for putting test files in scratch dir.
      [gkm] Don't barf on zero length certificate files.
      [xdg-store] Tests for xdg-store and fixes.
      Merge branch 'master' into trust-store
      Better ASN.1 test coverage and fixes.
      Disable trust usage in tool until we work trust out better.
      Implement trust assertions in pkcs11 modules.
      Fix up gcr library to support trust assertions.
      [egg] Produce proper messages for mismatched tags in DER parsing.
      [egg] Implement egg_asn1x_set_raw_element() for explicitly tagged.
      [egg] Must select which choice when building ASN.1.
      [egg] Add functions testing ASN.1 and printing out messages.
      [egg] Encode empty SET OF and SEQUENCE OF properly.
      [xdg-store] Start testing tool to create trust assertion files.
      [egg] Implement adding of trust via trust test tool.
      [egg] Add utilities so GByteArray can be used in GHashTable.
      [xdg-store] Tool for dumping trust assertion files.
      [testing] Preprocess test files before searching for tests.
      [pkcs11] Rename CKA_G_REMOTE to CKA_G_PEER (better terminology)
      [xdg-store] Fix various bugs and neuter tests.
      [testing] Ignore g_message and g_debug messages in tests.
      [xdg-store] Add tests for better test coverage.
      [xdg-store] Add support for storing certificates.
      [testing] Move scratch file functions into testing module.
      [gkm] PKCS#11 objects may be deletable even when not modifiable.
      [xdg-store] Complete work on adding and removing assertions.
      [xdg-store] Assertion creation test and fixes.
      [xdg-store] Fix problems exposing and refreshing trust assertions.
      [pkcs11] Fix typo which fails returning hashed attributes.
      [pkcs11] Refresh token before creating token object.
      [xdg-store] Tests and more bug fixes for trust assertions.
      [testing] Add function to clear scratch directory.
      [xdg-store] Trust assertions with same purpose/peer replace.
      [xdg-store] Test remaining netscape trust assertion mappings.
      [xdg-store] Tests and fixes for removing trust assertions.
      [testing] Make testing function names more palatable.
      [gck] Add functionality for dumping PKCS#11 attributes.
      [gck] Fix crash in enumerator when C_FindObjects fails.
      [gcr] Complete tests of gcr_trust_xxx functionality.
      Bump version number
      [gcr] Make GcrSimpleCertificate constructor accept simple pointer.
      [gcr] Fix build for GTK+3 style-context changes.
      Merge branch 'master' into trust-store
      [gck] Don't load *.la files as PKCS#11 modules.
      Merge branch 'master' into trust-store
      [gcr] GcrSimpleCertificate tests.
      [gcr] Add gcr_certificate_is_issuer() and finish up testing.
      Add make target to clear coverage data.
      [gcr] Use void pointers instead of unsigned char for data.
      [gcr] Move to a single header model.
      [gcr] Include libgck headers explictly in gcr headers.
      [gcr] Implement GcrPkcs11Certificate loads certs from PKCS#11
      [gcr] More build fixes.
      [gcr] Document trust storage and lookup functions.
      [gcr] Complete documentation for various certificate types.
      Include Makefile.local into build if it exists
      [gcr] Fix Gtk+ version check.
      Find the root certificates by default.
      [gcr] Expose functions for setting which pkcs11 modules to use.
      [gcr] Add function to load module from file.
      [gcr] Fix leak in gcr_pkcs11_certificate_lookup_issuer()
      [roots-store] Instantiate trust assertions in properly.
      [pkcs11] Fix up standalone modules for use in tests.
      [gcr] Fix type check macros for certificate implementations.
      [gcr] Add GcrCertificateChain
      Change terminology to 'pinned certificate' from 'exception'.
      Rename CKA_G_ trust prefix to CKA_X_ and move to own file.
      [gcr] Fix memory leak in certificate chain building.
      [gcr] Fix problem where issuer was returned instead of subject.
      [gcr] Certificate chain has a 'status' not a 'type'
      [gcr] Documentation fixes for GcrCertificateChain
      Use term 'distrust' instead of 'untrust'
      [gcr] Fix Gtk+ version check.
      [egg] Fix memory leaks in ASN.1 code.
      [gcr] Fix memory leaks in gcr test code.
      Merge branch 'master' into trust-store
      [gcr] Fix memory leaks in certificate chain code.
      [gcr] Fix memory leaks in async functions.
      [gcr] Fix memory leaks in trust lookup tests.
      [gcr] Add distrusted GcrCertificateChainStatus
      [gck] Allow enumeration over slots as well as modules.
      [gcr] Add config file for setting trust slot origin/storage
      [roots-store] Fix memory leak of unique string.
      [pkcs11] Install standalone devel modules to consistent location.
      Add missing files to distribution.
      [egg] Fix uninitialized list pointers.
      [gkm] Better warnings when ASN.1 can't be encoded.
      [egg] Remove non-deterministic checks in spawn tests.
      [egg] Don't try to encode optional sequences if empty.
      [po] Add missing translatable file.
      [gcr] PKCS#11 conf file is now in /etc/xdg
      Merge branch 'trust-store'
      [gcr] Make tests use pkcs11.conf.defaults from srcdir.
      [gcr] More fixes for GTK+ 2.91.7

Torstein Adolf Winterseth (1):
      Updated Norwegian Nynorsk translation

Yanko Kaneti (1):
      has-separator is gone


Source code:
[MD5 sum: 469a05e097fa7ef1ca907dfccdca08cf]

Stef Walter

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