Flickr Remote Organizer for GNOME (frogr) 0.3


Just to let the world know that the 0.3 release of frogr is finally out.

* What is it ?

Flickr Remote Organizer for GNOME (frogr) intends to be a complete
application to remotely manage a flickr account from the GNOME desktop.
Since this 0.3 release, frogr uses a new asynchronous library called
flicksoup -written from scratch and still under development- to deal
with the Flickr API, instead of the formerly used flickcurl library,
based in libcurl. 

At this moment frogr is basically a flickr uploader for GNOME, but the
plan is to iteratively evolve it towards a complete flickr manager which
should allow things such as modifying properties for already uploaded
pictures, managing flickr albums an so forth.

About this new flicksoup library, needed to point out that it is a 100%
GNOME-ish one, which is also good for this project, and perhaps some day
will be released separately. But for the time being, its development is
being carried out through frogr, based on its requirements, and every
now and then dumped into its own git repository [1].

This project is Free Software and published under the terms of the GNU
Public License v3.

* What's new in 0.3 ?

  * Fixed problems building debian packages.
  * Committed patches related to GNOME 3.0 integration (Javier Jardón).
  * Got rid of libcurl and improved integration with the mainloop by
    replacing the flickcurl library with our asynchronous (implements
    the GAsync API) library based in libsoup: flicksoup.
  * Improved authentication process. Made it more seamless and less
    error prone. Also, added a menu item to re-authorize if needed.
  * Better error handling, properly reporting the user when needed.
  * Cleaned up a lot the code of frogr and flicksoup. Made it more
    simple, hackable and robust. Still not perfect, though :-).
  * Allow cancelling uploads in progress, and resume them later.
  * Fixed bug uploading files with special characters in its name.
  * Added support for flickr albums. Now it's possible to select which
    album the pictures should be assigned to once uploaded.
  * New layout in the menu bar.
  * Updated translations.
  * Lots of bugfixes, as well as several minor improvements.

* Where can I get it ?

  * Source code:

  * Upstream code in git repository at
    git clone

  * Distro-specific packages available in the web of the project [2]:

* Translation updates

  * es_ES (initial language file provided with the new i18n support)

* Thanks to contributors

  * Alberto Garcia (debian packaging)
  * Javier Jardon  (patches for integration in GNOME 3.0)



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