gobject-introspection 0.10.0

This release contains many changes since 0.9.12; a few of the

 * An hash-table index has been added to the typelib format.
   Using a perfect hash generated with the CMPH library allows
   for much more efficient lookups in cases where symbols
   need to be looked up repeatedly.

 * GIO annotations are now extracted from the GLib sources
   (as a manual step; the extracted annotations are shipped
   with gobject-introspection.) This will be extended in
   the future to cover the reset of GLib.

* UTF-8 string constants are now supported.

* The cairo typelib now integrates properly with the
  cairo-gobject library.

8af5a4ff16df4b7f08db2eabc09396e15a19dde85a7d288fa26b9cdca280b9fa gobject-introspection-0.10.0.tar.bz2
632517cd792631c0e030a6a800ae45928903e58ce1f90738b09958bbda1917dc gobject-introspection-0.10.0.tar.gz

Alban Browaeys (1):
      nonrecursive build: Fix typelib installation

Andreas Rottmann (2):
      Don't emit shadowed methods into the typelib
      Support glib-mkenums comment /*< flags >*/

Colin Walters (55):
      configure: Post-release version bump
      scanner: Don't leave temporary directory around if we fail
      typelib: Don't fail on minor version
      configure: Bump to 0.10 series
      girepository: Refactor lookup code
      Accept trailing whitespace at the start of a comment block
      scanner: Don't process pkg-config libs twice
      scanner: Support GStrv as signal parameters
      Fix regression in g_irepository_get_info
      Handle CC="ccache gcc" for linker command too
      Fix previous commit
      scanner: Print out a message if warnings were off
      girepository: Use G_TYPE_TAG_IS_BASIC consistently
      tools: Switch to checking UNINSTALLED_INTROSPECTION_SRCDIR
      libtoolimporter: Don't assume we have a multi-component import
      Move pyflakes to check-pyflakes
      Switch to nonrecursive make for core (i.e. not tests/)
      Export gi_type_tag_get_ffi_type
      girepository: Only export ^gi?_ symbols
      build: Fix scanner/compiler to look in $(top_builddir) now
      Fix previous commit
      Makefile-gir.am: Add explicit g-ir-compiler dependency
      dumper: Differentiate between "external" and "internal" linking
      Explicitly link g-ir-compiler and g-ir-generate to GIO
      Makefile-gir.am: Fix explicit dependency of DBusGLib on GObject
      Add g_object_info_find_signal
      build: Explicitly link to libffi for g-ir-compiler
      Add support for gunichar in typelib
      Fix line too long
      tests: Print an error message
      Fix tests to look in correct directory for typelibs
      scanner: Fall back to default uscoring for method pairing if possible
      gitypelib: Extend warning for validation
      build: Flip around linking order of libraries for tools
      girepository: Consistently prefix internal functions with _
      gtk-doc: Update for renamed libgirepository-internals.la
      Update gio annotations from GLib git
      scanner: Only mark structures and unions as out-caller-allocates
      Support hexadecimal escapes in constants
      scanner: More XML unicode fixes
      scanner: Switch to only Python 2.5 C API usage
      Makefile.am: Add GTESTER_PROGS
      Import CMPH 1.0
      cmph: Modify types to use GLib types
      cmph: Add automake rules
      cmph: Squash a lot of gcc -Wall compiler warnings
      cmph-bdz-test: New test
      Add internal hashing API designed for the typelib
      .gitignore: Update
      Add directory index section
      g_object_info_find_method_using_interfaces: New function
      g_object_info_find_method_using_interfaces: Fix crash if not found
      cairo-1.0.gir: Un-foreign RectangleInt
      cairo: Fill out GIR with cairo-gobject boxed information
      make check pass for recent commits

Dan Winship (2):
      glib-2.0.c: annotate the arrays in g_spawn_sync/_async
      glib-2.0.c: annotate g_get_environ() and g_listenv()

Emmanuele Bassi (1):
      gir: Add Time to xlibs-2.0

Johan Dahlin (1):
      Add proper unicode support to the source scanner

Jonathan Matthew (3):
      scanner: don't show 'warnings suppressed' if --warn-all in use
      scanner: use c-symbol-prefix for method pairing where possible
      scanner: support typedefs for container types

Owen W. Taylor (2):
      Compute enumeration storage types more accurately
      Handle enumerations with the full range of signed and unsigned values

Pavel Holejsovsky (10):
      Fix thinko in regress suite.
      giscanner: don't ignore signal parameter names from annotations.
      Regenerate gio-2.0.c from current glib/gio.
      Update path to g-ir-annotation-tool in extract-gio-sources.sh.
      Regenerate gio-2.0.c
      Regenerate gio-2.0.c from current glib/gio HEAD.
      Fix misc/extract-gobject-sources.sh.
      Regenerate gio-2.0.c and gobject-2.0.c from current glib.
      scanner: avoid crash when annotation explicitly changes 'self' argument
      Regenerate gir/gio-2.0.c

Tomeu Vizoso (1):
      Make sure we don't mark GInitiallyUnownedClass as disguised

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