gjs-0.7.8 released

Version 0.7.8

9640eff58d559ef6a5f99338ea2adf0fc1ee66a06dd0f205baa084905715cc9c gjs-0.7.8.tar.bz2
ab2294fb39b85dc1a29d6013795476777617e15ff0a3e52c6c817d8344cba10f gjs-0.7.8.tar.gz

About Gjs:
  Gjs allows using GNOME libraries from Javascript. It's based on the
  Spidermonkey Javascript engine from Mozilla and the GObject
  introspection framework.

NOTE: This release requires the soon-to-be-released
  gobject-introspection-0.9.13 to build correctly; it will not build
  with 0.9.12.

 * Add a js-version property the GjsContext object and also
   allow specifying a specific version via a comment of the form
   '// application/javascript;version=1.8'. If no version is
   specified, all SpiderMonkey extensions are allowed.
 * Integrate with cairo-gobject library for support of boxed
   Cairo types [Colin]
 * Add support for (out caller-allocates) [Maxim, Colin]
 * Add support for gunichar type [Colin]
 * Support signals with G_TYPE_POINTER argument using introspection
   information [Maxim]
 * When invoking callback for void-returning async D-Bus method
   implementations, allow empty parameter list instead of [] [Ray]
 * Ignore empty elements in the module search path instead of
   treating them as the current directory [Owen]
 * Handle removal of JS_GetStringBytes() in Spidermonkey [Marc-Antoine, Sardem FF7]
 * Handle removal of JS_GetFunctionName() in Spidermonkey [Marc-Antoine, Colin]
 * Use new g_object_info_find_method_using_interfaces() to allow future
   caching. [Colin]
 * Improve efficiency of module search [Owen]
 * Fix problems with JS_Add/RemoveRoot pairing [Colin, Owen]
 * Memory management fixes [Colin]
 * Improve error and debugging messages [Colin, Owen]
 * Build fixes [Colin, Johan]
 * Miscellaneous bug fixes [Colin]

 Johan Dahlin, Maxim Ermilov, "Sardem FF7", Marc-Antoine Perennou, Ray Strode,
 Owen Taylor, Colin Walters

 Colin Walters, "Sardem FF7"

Bugs fixed:
 624811 Segfault while wrapping a boxed type
 632551 object: When verbose debugging properties, print out GIName
 632626 support signals with G_TYPE_POINTER argument
 632925 Use g_object_info_find_method_using_interfaces
 633199 Support gunichar
 633477 Please bind cairo_set_dash()
 635359 Throw an exception when failing to look up a foreign struct
 635368 Ignore empty elements in the search path
 635371 Reduce overhead of native module support
 635707 Adapt to JS_GetStringBytes removal in xulrunner 2
 636263 valgrind fixes
 636619 cairo: Use cairo-gobject if available
 636927 dbus: Fix dict entry conversion path
 636928 Fix mis-paired calls to JS_AddRoot/JS_RemoveRoot
 637246 [Patch] gjs fails to build with recent xulrunner2 (JS_GetFunctionName)

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