Nautilus-Actions 2.99.4 is out

Hi everybody,

We are pleased to announce the latest unstable release of Nautilus-Actions!
This is the fifth one of the future 3.0 serie.

What is it ?

    Nautilus-Actions is an extension for Nautilus file manager which
    allows to add arbitrary items to Nautilus context menus, menubar
    and toolbar.

What is new in this release ?

    This release includes some minor enhancements, but is mainly a
    bugfix of previous 2.99.3


    - Replace GtkLabel vith GtkTextView in import and export assistants
    - Converts pre-v2 '%d/%f' to v3 '%f'.
    - Improve robustness of tokens parsing.

    Bug fixes:

    - Fix PDF manual build and distribution.
    - Accepts null or empty input string or output pointers.
    - Fix default int value when reading null string.
    - Do not warn about malformed .desktop file when importing an URI.
    - Path+parameters are splitted whatever be the I/O importer.
    - Fix typos in sample actions.
    - Fix mimetypes and folders selection.
    - Fix basename check when matchcase is false.
    - Address each occurrence of selected instead of just the first one.
    - Take care of possibly NULL values when run from the command-line
      (reported by Юрий Пухальский)
    - Do not overexpand the example label.

    New and updated translations:

    - es (Bryan Alberto Baron Chinchilla, Jorge González)
    - sl (Matej Urbančič, Andrej Žnidaršič)

    Please note that due to the renaming of some parameters, actions or menus
    created / updated with this version may not be compatible with those 
    created with 2.30.x and earlier.

Nautilus-Actions 2.99.4 is available for download at

    sha1sum: 077923e78144ebeb3e2da4e2af2fba10ccef0293
     md5sum: 046925e277761f8cc801b8aa46c67108

Home page is here:

Bug reports are always welcomed at

Have a lot of fun with it !

The Nautilus-Actions maintainer(s).

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