Release of Aravis 0.1.1


I've just released the second unstable version of Aravis, a LGPLv2+ gobject
based library for the acquisition of digital camera video stream.

It includes:

      * Support for gigabit ethernet cameras 
      * Support for a large subset of the Genicam interface 
      * A simple API for easy camera control 
      * A work-in-progress documentation 
      * A simple gstreamer source element 
      * Gobject-introspection support

The changes since the last release are:

  * Basic ethernet camera simulator
  * Allow detection of ethernet cameras on lo, for the GV camera simulator
  * Fix in gvcp support code
  * More unit tests
  * Add support for <Group> GENICAM element
  * Memory leak fixes
  * Record statistics on buffer reception times
  * Improve compilation on 64 bit platforms

As Aravis don’t have a bug report facility yet, please report any bug to
me using this address: emmanuel at gnome org.


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