ANNOUNCE GCalctool 5.27.1

The GCalctool team is proud to announce the first unstable GNOME 2.26 release.

This release has the following changes from 5.26:

    * Convert Glade UI to GtkBuilder UI (Robert Ancell, David King, Bug #556807)

    * Fix display on startup to be replaced on entry (Robert Ancell,
Bug #576975)

    * Make GConf schemas translatable (Robert Ancell, Bug #571948)

    * Replace MP number arrays with an MPNumber structure (Robert Ancell)

    * Tidied up error messages (Robert Ancell, Bug #521184)

    * Tidied up GConf schema, use native GConf types (Robert Ancell,
Bug #493946)
      This will cause the gconf schema to be incompatible with
gcalctool < 5.26.0.
      Expect settings to reset to defaults when upgrading.  Switching between
      versions will cause resets.

    * Fix missing license text in about dialog (Robert Ancell, Bug #579174)

    * Updated translations: es (Jorge Gonzalez), et (Ivar Smolin)

The release is available from:

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