ANNOUNCE: Tomboy 0.13.3 Released (development release)

Hey Everyone,

This email is to announce Tomboy 0.13.3, the third official
development release in the 0.13.x series.

Binaries for Windows and Mac should be available shortly.

Tomboy is a simple personal note-taking application designed to be
unobtrusive and friendly, while supporting inter-note-links similar to
a WikiWikiWeb to help you organize your notes and ideas.  It can run
either as a GNOME panel applet or a notification tray icon.

Tomboy's Website:

Tomboy's Wiki:
  * Road Map:
  * Brainstorming:

Tomboy is available at:
  md5sum: dbdfefe7197e9082949a8f968218932c
  size: 5.1M
  md5sum: 05513c92f63da9bbc59b34cf5b5c26e8
  size: 4.2M

This release includes the following:

Version 0.13.3
* Rename Mono process to "tomboy" instead of "Tomboy" (#565166).
* Cut down memory usage by 25% (#565790). Also improves startup times a bit.
* Fix panel applet icon background transparency (#567308).
* Improvements in translatable strings (#566711, #565208).
* Fix crash associated with notes with '&' or '<' in their title (#566967).
* Translation updates: es, fr, lv, nb, pt_BR, sk, sv

Special thanks to everyone entering bugs, submitting patches,
keeping translations up to date, and helping to make Tomboy


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