GObject-Introspection 0.6.2

I'm proud to announce yet another release of GObject-Introspection.

Tarballs can be found at:

What's new in this release?

* Gtk-doc comments (including version and deprecated) are
  now included in girs.
* Callback annotations (scope)
* Rewritten annotation parser
* Struct methods
* Bugs fixed:
    - Bug 562622 – Errordomains missing
    - Bug 562615 – Struct methods missing
    - Bug 567813 – Everything should be versioned
    - Bug 555036 – put gtk-doc in GIR
    - Bug 562467 – Property annotation
    - Bug 546739 – Introspection should know precise signal parameter types
    - Bug 563591 – Flags not recognized when there is no introspection data
    - Bug 563386 – scanner ignores "const" on boxed return values
    - Bug 566404 – Annotations for GLib
    - Bug 566419 – Element type of arrays not properly handled in all cases
    - Bug 566560 – giscanner.transformer.SkipError
    - Bug 563794 - Redo annotation parsing & applying
    - Bug 563469 – Arrays not treated correctly in struct offset calculation
    - Bug 556489 – callback annotations
    - Bug 563998 – Cache the GIBaseInfo for GTypes
    - Bug 562545 – Add function taking / returning GValue
    - Bug 563742 – introspection should record the introduced version of
    - Bug 562971 – g-ir-scanner failure on libgpod headers
    - Bug 562289 – Race when removing invalid cache
    - Bug 559705 – Missing association between static methods and classes
    - Bug 562022 – gobject-introspection needs python headers
    - Bug 561617 – Return value array annotations
    - Bug 561296 - Add "storage type" to the typelib data for enums
    - Bug 559706 - Interface prerequisites
    - Bug 561087 - Respect is_pointer in serialize_type()
    - Bug 560825 – Add size and alignment to typelib

I've also started the process of moving GIR generation to the upstream
Pango is already supporting that and Atk and Gtk+ will do so in the near future.
This is necessary to be able to get documentation inside the gir, an example
of a GIR of Gtk+ trunk from a couple of days agao can be found here:

http://www.gnome.org/~johan/Gtk-2.0.gir.gz (300kb)

The goal of the project is to describe the APIs and collect them in
a uniform, machine readable format. The initial target is language bindings,
which are heavy users of this kind of data.

Interesting parts of this release includes:

* GIR - An XML format used to describe APIs
* Typelib - a way to serialize GIR to disk
* libgirepository - C API to access typelib

GIR format is fairly stable, but expect small parts to change.
The typelib format is not complete and will be extended upon in future releases.

There are Perl, Python and Java bindings publicly available using
GObject-Introspection. The gir-repository provides GIRs for common
GObject based libraries (such as pango,gtk,gstreamer,clutter,webkit) until
the libraries themselves ship them.

I'd like to specially thank the following people, who made this release
possible: Matthias Clasen for the initial prototype and general design,
Jürg Biletter for writing a header scanner, Colin Walters for helping out
everywhere and making sure the release got done. Richard Hult & Tor
Lillqvist for testing and making sure it works on MacOS X & Win32.

See http://live.gnome.org/GObjectIntrospection and the README included
in the tarball for more information.

Thanks to all contributors to this release:
  Johan Bilien, Jürg Billeter, Christophe Fergeau, Havoc Pennington,
  Andreas Rottmann, Owen Taylor, Tristan Van Berkom, Colin Walters
  Dan Winship

GObject-Introspection requires flex, bison, python (2.5 or higher) and
glib. ffi 3.0.1 or higher can optionally be used.

Reports bugs to
Contract us at: gtk-devel-list gnome org or #introspection at irc.gnome.org
Homepage: http://live.gnome.org/GObjectIntrospection

Johan Dahlin

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