GNOME Scan 0.7.1


After some months of development, we release the first alpha of the
GNOME Scan 0.7.X branch.

GNOME Scan aim to ship a librarized solution to scan just like GtkPrint
does for printing, libbrasero-media for burning, etc.

The 0.7.X branch is a yet-another (almost-) rewritten version of GNOME
Scan using the famous Vala for some part of the project. (Kudo to Juerg
Billeter). I won't discuss motivation here. 0.7.1 is the first alpha and
thus includes a lot of regression.

Download it at :
Report bug at  :
See more at    :
Stay tuned at  :

Changes in version 0.7.1

 * Rewrote library and flegita in Vala.

 * Code refactoring:

  * Engine is now independant from interface. Would be easy to split
    the library in libgnomescan and libgnomescan-ui (like in 0.4).

  * Option are more smart, managing themselves their value. This allow
    saving/loading high-level option to GConf(not yet) and simplify the
    option handling.

  * Reusable auto-hiding, auto-expanding widgets GnomeScanOptionBox,
    GnomeScanOptionPage for exposing options everywhere needed.

 * Centralised status handling. Status of each node of the job will
   influence status of the overall job and the UI will take this
   status in account preventing user to launch unusable scan

 * Build and maintain only one Gegl pipeline this unify progress
   monitoring and simplify the processing management. New plugins will
   need to either use existing Gegl operation or implement their own..

 * Unify configuration and acquisition dialog allowing to go back and

 * Improvements in SANE support.

  * Extend support for arbitrary depth from 1 to 32 bit per sample
    with fast path for 1, 8, 16, 24 and 32 bit.

  * Support hand-scanner with unlimited document length.

  * Refactor code to handle workaround and high-level option.
   * Native range support for integer and floating-point

   * Generic enumeration type support for string, integer and floating
    point options.

   * Match array option and ignore them.

 * Several **REGRESSIONS** : no preview, no processing, no gimp
   plugin, no doc, no headers installed, no internationalisation and
   other things are missing. Please consider this release as a
   development preview.

 * Beware that GNOME Scan 0.7.1 is not parrallel installable with any
   previous version of GNOME Scan.

Étienne BERSAC.
 Ultreïa !

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