[ANNOUNCE] Clutter 0.8.6 (core) - Stable release

hi everyone;

Clutter 0.8.6 is now available for download at:


MD5 Checksums:

  ec1ab68bbca09e36e57c2cdb4462bc13  clutter-0.8.6.tar.gz
  f5ce02b3092898b648a63625a7f7c553  clutter-0.8.6.tar.bz2

Clutter is an open source software library for creating fast, visually
rich and animated graphical user interfaces. Clutter is licensed under
the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1.

Clutter currently requires:

  * GLib >= 2.14.0
  * Pango 1.18
  * OpenGL >= 1.4, OpenGL ES 1.1 or OpenGL ES 2.0
  * GLX, SDL, WGL, Quartz or an EGL Implementation

The official website is: http://www.clutter-project.org
The Clutter blog is at:  http://www.clutter-project.org/blog
To subscribe to the Clutter mailing list, send mail to: clutter+subscribe o-hand com 
The official mailing list archive is: http://lists.o-hand.com/clutter/
API reference: http://www.clutter-project.org/docs/clutter/stable/

* Notes

   o This is a stable release of Clutter's 0.8 cycle

   o This version is fully API and ABI compatible with the previous
     0.8.0 release and further 0.8 releases.

   o This version is parallel installable with Clutter 0.6.

   o Installing this version will overwrite the files from the
     installation of a release of the 0.8 series or the installation
     of a SVN checkout of the clutter-0-8 branch.

   o Bugs should be reported to: http://bugzilla.o-hand.com

List of changes between 0.8.4 and 0.8.6
Emmanuele Bassi (15):
      2008-12-05  Emmanuele Bassi  <ebassi linux intel com>
      [backport] Do not modify parameters in place
      [backport] Remove a double semi-colon typo
      Merge branch 'clutter-0-8' of ssh://gitserver git clutter-project org/clutter into clutter-0-8
      [backport] Fix a race condition when resizing a stage
      Define G_LOG_DOMAIN inside COGL
      Rework the viewport resizing
      Set the SYNC_MATRICES flag when allocating a new size
      Rename the old ChangeLog
      Add gen-changelog.pl
      Add stub ChangeLog for the repository
      [docs] Add unused symbol to ClutterActor section
      Update the NEWS for 0.8.6
      Add the old ChangeLog to the dist
      [release] Release 0.8.6

Neil Roberts (13):
      Bug 1305 - NPOT textures unaligned to a pixel sometimes have
      Bug 1297 - Bring back support for GL_ARB_texture_rectangle
      * clutter/clutter-main.c (_clutter_do_pick): Restore the GL_DITHER
      Bug 1323 - ClutterBehaviorDepth conflicts with other behaviors
      Fix the gtk-doc for some properties in ClutterActor
      Remove extra semicolon in clutter_behaviour_ellipse_applied
      [backport] [test-paint-wrapper] Use a separate paint guard for each actor
      [backport] Minor fix to documentation for clutter_actor_get_anchor_point
      [backport] Fix some *_set functions so they work if the object is the same value
      [backport] Fix off-by-one error in clutter_stage_read_pixels
      [backport] Merge branch multiple-texture-rectangle into master
      [backport] Fix GLES 2 after the multiple-texture-rectangle branch merge
      Convert CoglTextureGLVertex to be GLfloat instead of GLfixed

Owen Taylor (1):
      [backport] Return something reasonable from clutter_x11_handle_event()

Robert Bragg (3):
      Bug 1303 - clutter_glx_texture_pixmap_using_extension doesn't check if
      [backport] Improves tfp performance on Nvidia
      [ClutterGLXTexturePixmap] Use an RGB texture (not ARGB) for 24bpp pixmaps

Have fun with Clutter!


Emmanuele Bassi, Intel Open Source Technology Center

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