[ANNOUNCE] Vala Toys for gEdit 0.3.0

Another stable vala release and a new vtg 0.3.0 release:

        Vala Toys for gEdit - "Where is the snow?"

is ready! The source tarball can be downloaded here:


This version supports the new valac 0.5.4.

NEWS for version 0.3.0

* New "simple" and "version control system" based ChangeLog support. 
  Just press CTRL+SHIT+C and a new ChangeLog entry will be created
  in the project ChangeLog file with all the modified and added files.
  Supported vcs backends: svn, git, bzr
* Added the possibility to stop and restart quickly the compilation
* Added the param dialog to the "stand alone" file compile. Now it's
  possibile to specify the valac compiler parameters.
* Lot of improvements in the completion engine
* Many other bugs fixed

The complete announcement can be found here:


The Vtg developer

        Andrea Del Signore

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