gnome-pilot 2.0.17 released

Gnome Pilot 2.0.17 'Pippi' has been released.

Gnome Pilot lets you synchronize your gnome applications with your
PalmOS(r) based devices.  It can be used to back up your data, install
files, or to synchronize your contacts, calendar, memos and tasks
with Evolution.

Bug Fixes:
   - #484509: Avoid obsolete HAL info.bus API.  Use hal pda.platform
                property instead (keep info.bus for backwards compatibility).
                With thanks to Frederic Crozat.
   - #528701: remove unused applet desktop file
   - #508262: fix long-standing build-order bug by moving libgpilotdcm
                code to gpilotd/ directory.
   - #491921: stray slash breaks rpath for libraries

Updated translations:
     ar (Djihed Afifi)
     ca (Gil Forcada)
     el (Simos Xenitellis)
     en_GB (Philip Withnall)
     fr (Stephane Raimbault)
     it (Luca Ferretti)
     fi (Ilkka Tuohela)
     nb (Kjartan Maraas)
     ne (Pawan Chitrakar)
     oc (Yannig Marchegay)
     pt_BR (Jonh Wendell)
     sv (Daniel Nylander)
     vi (Clytie Siddall)

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