[ANNOUNCE] Clutter 0.8.2 (core) - Stable release

hi everyone;

Clutter 0.8.2 is now available for download at:


MD5 Checksums:

  2e86641254260b355d235ee202918b1c  clutter-0.8.2.tar.gz
  6fd2c0e63d904523a773736cbb45d176  clutter-0.8.2.tar.bz2

Clutter is an open source software library for creating fast, visually
rich and animated graphical user interfaces. Clutter is licensed under
the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1.

Clutter currently requires:

  * GLib >= 2.14.0
  * Pango 1.18
  * OpenGL >= 1.4, OpenGL ES 1.1 or OpenGL ES 2.0
  * GLX, SDL, WGL, Quartz or an EGL Implementation

The official website is: http://www.clutter-project.org
The Clutter blog is at:  http://www.clutter-project.org/blog
To subscribe to the Clutter mailing list, send mail to: clutter
+subscribe o-hand com 
The official mailing list archive is: http://lists.o-hand.com/clutter/
API reference: http://www.clutter-project.org/docs/clutter/0.7/

* Notes

   o This is a stable release of Clutter's 0.8 cycle

   o This version is fully API and ABI compatible with the previous
     0.8.0 release and further 0.8 releases.

   o This version is parallel installable with Clutter 0.6.

   o Installing this version will overwrite the files from the
     installation of a release of the 0.8 series or the installation
     of a SVN checkout of the clutter-0-8 branch.

   o Bugs should be reported to: http://bugzilla.o-hand.com

What's new in Clutter 0.8.2

   o Add constructor-only properties for the :container and :actor
     properties of ClutterChildMeta
   o Resync the Clutter keysyms with X.org ones.
   o Documentation fixes and improvements
   o Allow defining ClutterColor as an object or an array inside
     ClutterScript UI definitions
   o Added the missing :perspective property to ClutterStage
   o Fixed the upper and lower boundaries for ClutterUnit and
     ClutterFixed properties
   o Fix a bug that prevented disabling sorting on ClutterModel
   o Fix a bug in clutter_timeline_list_markers()
   o Queue a redraw when the clip is changed
   o Optimize calls to push and pop the matrix when painting
   o Add a variable to the pkgconfig file for extracting the
     COGL backend, for configure-time checks
   o Fix a typo in cogl_path_rel_curve_to()
   o Fix showing the cursor after it being hidden once
   o Add a function for obtaining Clutter's option group without
     initializing Clutter

List of bugs fixed since 0.8.0

   o #856 - Teardown sequence is borked
   o #945 - Clipping+fbo cloning bugs
   o #1010 - ClutterLabel does not update the layout (again)
   o #1020 - TFP resyncing on MapNotify/ConfigureNotify [Andy Wingo]
   o #1033 - Manually parsing command line options prevents initializing clutter
   o #1034 - Picking doesn't work on Eee PC
   o #1038 - Clutter 0.8 won't build due to redefined functions
   o #1044 - cogl_get_viewport error
   o #1047 - API documentation from release tarball is not installed by "make install" [Mirco Müller]
   o #1048 - SIGFPE in cogl_texture_set_region() with nvidia [Gwenole Beauchesne]
   o #1062 - clutter_actor_query_coords() replacement in 0.8 [Gwenole Beauchesne]
   o #1069 - Warnings with ClutterScore
   o #1071 - clutter_timeline_get_duration doesn't always work
   o #1075 - Difficult to bind clutter_stage_new
   o #1080 - clutter_stage_read_pixels has upside-down y coordinate
   o #1082 - Texture bitmap is destroyed in wrong way
   o #1085 - Cursor is in wrong position on ClutterEntry if set x-align property
   o #1090 - Label somtimes returns natural_width < min_width [Johan Bilien]
   o #1091 - WM_MOUSEWHEEL (scroll-event) not handled correctly [Roman Yazmin]
   o #1099 - No ClutterScript API to get a list of IDs in a given file [Noah Gibbs]
   o #1100 - WM_SIZE not handled correctly, user_resize and window_style correction
   o #1103 - Two typos in clutter documentation
   o #1121 - Setting anchor point doesn't work if set too early
   o #1124 - Clutter causes an additional size request in each allocation [Johan Bilien]
   o #1125 - Save an extra pango_layout_get_size in many cases [Johan Bilien]
   o #1130 - CLUTTER_MOTION is not emitted when time goes backwards. [Pierce Liu]
   o #1137 - Setting the anchor point does not trigger a re-paint
   o #1145 - Flicker on resize the window
   o #1154 - clutter_timeout_pool_new() documentation doesn't say how to free [Murray Cumming]

Special thanks to all the contributors:
Gwenole Beauchesne
Johan Bilien
Murray Cumming
Pierce Liu
Noah Gibbs
Roman Yazmin
Andy Wingo
Mirco Müller

Have fun with Clutter!


Emmanuele Bassi, Intel Open Source Technology Center

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