Announce: GNOME Media

GNOME Media is now available at:

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dd40cb9aa1cdc7e6c4db3cb3cf0f1c8c  gnome-media-

List of bugs fixed since 2.24.0:

        * 552445: do not include GPLv3 COPYING in dist, clarify the
          license information for each project

What is it?

GNOME Media is a set of GNOME multimedia tools.

 gnome-volume-control: GStreamer-based volume control
 gnome-sound-recorder: a simple audio recorder
 gnome-audio-profiles: GStreamer-based audio encoding profiles
 gstreamer-properties: GStreamer a/v input/output configuration

GNOME-CD, CDDB-Slave, and vumeter are considered deprecated and
disabled by default.

Important bugs postponed to 2.25:

   * 524364: GtkBuilder
   * 513612 and 422719: GNOME-Media relicensing

'kicks you in'th nuts
The GNOME multimedia team,

Marc-André Lureau

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