Announce: mousetweaks 2.24.0


mousetweaks 2.24.0 stable has just been released and can be downloaded

0d65ed828b1ef092861e337d2c86cc72  mousetweaks-2.24.0.tar.bz2
f696782c5e1c29e91d50f46ae26e6f36  mousetweaks-2.24.0.tar.gz

   What is mousetweaks ?

   The mousetweaks package provides the functions offered by the
   Accessibility tab of the Mouse control panel. It also contains
   two panel applets related to the mouse accessibility. More

    1. It offers a way to perform the various clicks without using any
       hardware button. In this context, the Dwell Click panel applet
       can be used to choose what click type to perform.

    2. It allows users to perform a secondary click by doing a
       click&hold of the primary mouse button.

    3. It provides the Pointer Capture panel applet. This applet creates
       an area on the panel into which the pointer can be captured until
       the user releases it with a predefined button and modifier

What is new ?

Major changes since 2.22.0:

	* addition of timing feedback on the cursor for the simulated
	  secondary click and for the dwell click
	* addition of a button to the Dwell Click applet that can be
	  used to start the dwell feature by dwelling on that button
	* draws a line when making the gesture to specify the click type
	* it is now possible to set the dwell delay as low as 0.2 second
	* addition of more command line options
	* is now able to also handle multiscreen setups

Detailed changes since 2.23.92:

  Misc improvements/fixes:

	* Removed cursor_set guard to avoid out of syncs on grabs
	* Fix of a duplicated accelerator in it.po by Luca Ferretti

  Bug fixes:

	#551762: "Enable Dwell Click" tooltip not marked for

  New and updated translations:

	- [ar] Djihed Afifi, Usama Akkad
	- [bg] Alexander Shopov
	- [ca] Gil Forcada
	- [cs] Adrian Guniš
	- [da] Ask H. Larsen
	- [es] Jorge González
	- [eu] Iñaki Larrañaga Murgoitio
	- [fi] Timo Jyrinki
	- [fr] Bruno Brouard
	- [he] Yair Hershkovitz
	- [hu] Gabor Kelemen
	- [it] Milo Casagrande
	- [ko] Changwoo Ryu
	- [lt] Vytautas Liuolia
	- [mr] Sandeep Shedmake
	- [or] Manoj Kumar Giri
	- [pl] Tomasz Dominikowski
	- [pt_BR] Enrico Nicoletto, Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle
	- [ru] Yuriy Penkin
	- [sq] Laurent Dhima
	- [sv] Daniel Nylander
	- [ta] I. Felix
	- [tr] Baris Cicek
	- [uk] Maxim Dziumanenko
	- [zh_CN] Funda Wang
	- [zh_HK] Chung-hong Chan
	- [zh_TW] Chung-hong Chan

Many thanks to everybody that helped in making mousetweaks a great product.

Best regards,

Francesco Fumanti

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