anjuta, gdl and gnome-build 2.24.0 released!

Anjuta 2.24.0 (22 September 2008) -- Johannes Schmid

Translations updates:
he, da, de, nb, ar, hu, mr, pt_BR, cs, da, sr, gl, th, ja, hi, nl, fi,
ca, es, pt, en_GB, it, sv, fr, zh_CN, sq, gl, th, gu, tr

Updates and fixes:
- New version of symbol-db plugin beta
- Fix warnings, some documents could have no associated file
- Fix #529468: Use weak pointers to avoid acting on widgets that have
  been destroyed.
- Fix #551574 Project names and descriptions are not translatable
- Fix #551684: Wrong AC substitutions in anjuta-version.h.
- Fixed a problem with async file loading.
- Fix libanjuta API documentation
- Imported new symbol icons from MonoDevelop.
- Fix #550322 - Newlines should be placed at the end of error messages
- Fix #550470 - Crash: Executing file through popup menu
- Use the View->Editor->* menu items for view spaces, view eol and
  line wrap (new) option instead of the preferences.
- Fix #549950 - crash while saving a file

gnome-build 2.24.0

* Removed gdl-gnome dependency
* Fix format string bugs
* Translation updates: ru, hu, cs, da, ml, ar, tr, ja, it, de, nl,
en_GB, fr, nb, gu, fi, eu, pt

gdl 2.24.0

* Fixed dataroot problem
* Removed old code (and as such gnome-vfs dependency)
* Translation updates: he, sr, ar, et, hr, mr

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