F-Spot 0.4.5 is out !!!

Hey everyone,

We've just released the most awesome f-spot so far: 0.5.0! It features a
countless amount of enhancements, polish and bugfixes. Here's some
appetizer, but you'd better taste it by yourself:

- New Sidebar context switching
- Extendable Editors
- New Metadata display
- Color profile support
- Duplicate detection at import time
- Reduced and faster db access, faster queries on big collections
- Light speed tagging
- FullScreen mode enhancements
- New extensions distributed by default
- Updated documentation
- Updated translations
- Hundreds of bugfixes
- New contributors

We'd like to thanks everyone involved in that release cycle, bug
reporters, triagers, testers, developers, translators. So thx, and keep
up the hard work.

The minimal dependencies should be as they were for 0.4.4. But if you
want to build for gnome 2.24, you'll probably need gtk-sharp 2.12.3

So, get it, build it, enjoy it, blog about it.



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