netspeed 0.15

It took a while, but a new version of netspeed (the applet) is finally
available. Some of the "new" things it brings have been sitting in svn
now for almost two years.

First of all I'd like to thank Pedro Villavicencio Garrido, Benoît
Dejean, Japp Haitsma, Jakub Steiner, Marius Gedminas and Andras Barna
for their contributions! Without them, this would not have happened,
since I'm mostly working on other things these days.

A short list of things that have happend since 0.14:

      * Added wireless support (Pedro)
      * Removed font size option and refresh rate option (Pedro)
      * Removed "always monitor a connected device"; instead there is
        now an entry "Default" in the device-selector which will always
        monitor the device which has the default route set (Marius)
      * New icons. Yay! :-) (Jakub)
      * Lots of small fixes (Japp, Benoit, Andras)

Get it while it's hot :-)


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