Wordtip 0.1


I'm happy to announce project Wordtip and its' first release.

Wordtip aims to provide text classification services to desktop
and mobile applications over D-Bus.

It's in very alpha stage and although in a simplistic way, it's
working. You can test and use the current implementation of
a Bayesian classifier with only a few lines of Python, as
explained in README.

Download the source tarball at:

md5sum: 0ccd965267abba7f67d099ddbb443e49

Possible uses cases:

 - document management system can use it to automatically classify
   textual documents into categories
 - note-taking application grouping notes instead of the user
 - RSS reader suggesting interesting blog posts
 - cliche' poetry detection

Everything will change though, and this release is mostly
a signal of project's existence and so to other developers who
might be interested in contributing or using it.

To build it you'll need boost, boost-test, glibmm, dbus-c++,
and also gnome-common for some autotools helpers.

Project home is at http://code.google.com/p/wordtip


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