Announce: Anjuta DevStudio 2.23.91 Cyclone (unstable) released

Hi all,

Anjuta team proudly announces the release of Anjuta DevStudio 2.23.91
that will eventually lead us to stable 2.24.0 release, code named
Cyclone. The version number has been bumped from traditional 2.5.x to
2.23.x to honor GNOME release cycle. This is an unstable release for
GNOME 2.23.91 release, so be sure to adjust your expectations.

Thanks for this release to (alphabetically):

James Liggett, Johannes Schmid, Massimo Cora', Sébastien Granjoux and
Yuriy Penkin.

and for translations:

Christian Kirbach, Daniel Nylander, Djihed Afifi, Goran Rakic, Ilkka
Tuohela, Ignacio Casal Quinteiro, Jorge Gonzalez, Laurent Dhima, 
Sandeep Shedmake, Sweta Kothari and Tommi Vainikainen

Thanks and happy coding!

- Anjuta Team

Anjuta DevStudio

Anjuta DevStudio is a versatile Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
for GNOME desktop. It features a number of advanced programming
facilities that include project management, application wizards, an
on-board interactive debugger, integrated glade UI designer, integrated
devhelp API help, integrated valgrind memory profiler, integrated gprof
performance profiler, class generator, powerful source editor, source
browsing and many more.



Translations updates:
mr, sq, es, gl, sr Latin, ar, fi, gu, sv, de

* GSoC Git plugin completed: Beta 1 completes the agreed-upon feature
set in the proposal.
* Symbol-DB plugin maturing.

Updates and fixes:
* Fixed a crasher in symbol-db due to use of uninitialised memory
* Fixed bug #548622 – sun cc can not compile build-options.c
* Do not free mutex in symbol-db because that crashes 50% of the time.
* Fixed critical on plugin deactivation of message-view plugin
* Fixed bug #546109 - Spurious libanjuta-2.0.pc file
* Install anjuta-version.h
* Keep const gchar* instead of GFile in debugger interface
* Updated debugger documentation
* Updated build documentation
* when terminal window is active (remove shortcut)
* Fixed bug #548646 Delete key press is routed to editor window
* Fixed bug #549105 Patch plugin icon not loaded
* Fixed bug #549405 – There are warnings when I create a new file
* Fixed bug #548606 now engine exits cleanly even if it's in scanning
mode. It still remains the libgda bug anyway, bug #545979.
* Fixed bug #522032 also for symbol-db.
* Added two checkboxes: one is for parallel scan control, the other is
for the buffer updating control.
* GSoC Git plugin: Beta 1 completes the agreed-upon feature set in the
* Fixed bug #548984 – Use AC_HELP_STRING macro
* Use gnome-terminal if terminal plugin is missing

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