Metacity 2.23.233 released

What is it?
Metacity is a simple EWMH-compliant compositing window manager
which is the default window manager of the GNOME desktop.

(Your maintainer offers humble apologies for this release being a day 
late for the second beta of GNOME 2.24: the rule about releases being on 
Mondays does not take account of virtual Mondays, but it's nobody's 
fault but my own.)

What's changed?


Thanks to Baptiste Mille-Mathias, and Thomas Thurman for improvements in 
this version.

  - Move desktop file according to policy change (Thomas) (#549479)
  - Update default icon to a Tango style pixmap (Baptiste) (#548377)

  Iñaki Larrañaga Murgoitio (eu), Laurent Dhima (sq), Clytie Siddall (vi)

Where can I get it?

eb54496ce52ac42de154472faf90b9b4  metacity-2.23.233.tar.bz2
ae16e830034032b8a0bb32426b1ecd97  metacity-2.23.233.tar.gz


Thomas Thurman, tthurman at gnome,
Probably a wise choice.

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