metacity 2.25.8 released

What is it ?
Metacity is a simple compositing window manager that integrates nicely
with GNOME 2.

What's changed ?
Thanks to Brian Cameron, Maxim Ermilov, Daniel Macks, Elijah Newren, 
Frederic Peters, Thomas Thurman, David Trowbridge, and Olav Vitters for 
improvements in this version.

  - Reorder compiler flags (Daniel) (#562033)
  - Fix compositor switch (Daniel) (#560990)
  - Remove spurious warnings about operations on window "none" (Thomas)
  - Fix _POSIX_C_SOURCE which was breaking OS X builds (Thomas) (#561962)
  - -Werror -Wall and -ansi are now standard compile flags (Thomas)
  - Merge screen and window keybindings files; fix minor alt-tab bug
    in the process (Thomas) (#528337)
  - Remove some deprecated calls (Thomas) (#560445)
  - Clean up #includes (Maxim) (#560449)
  - Update description of raise_on_click (Elijah)
  - First dialogue delegated to zenity (Thomas)
  - fix theme-parser typo (Olav)
  - double-quote variable names in messages (Thomas) (#558309)
  - fix accidental renaming of run_command_terminal (Thomas) (#557943)
  - some null checks; problems exposed by new GDM (Brian) (#558058)
  - ignore mouse button modifier if it's missing (Thomas) (Launchpad 258054, Launchpad 266929)
  - fix docbook markup (Frederic)

  Astur (ast), Jorge González (es), Thomas Thurman (la), LeonardoFerreira
  Fontenelle (pt_BR), Daniel Nylander (sv)

Where can I get it ?

da7fabe176eb971516a5d56bd6f3633b  metacity-2.25.8.tar.bz2
1c74488bd59b1876f4dd34a5f736ba0b  metacity-2.25.8.tar.gz


Thomas Thurman, tthurman at gnome,
At Window on Pit

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