gjs 0.2 released

Version 0.2

   - Compatible with gobject-introspection 0.6.0
   - New modules: mainloop, signals, tweener
   - Support passing string arrays to gobject-introspection methods
   - Added jsUnit based unit testing framework
   - Improved error handling and error reporting

   Colin Walters, Havoc Pennington, Johan Bilien, Johan Dahlin, Lucas Rocha,
   Owen Taylor, Tommi Komulainen

Bugs fixed:
   Bug 557398 – Allow requiring namespace version
   Bug 557448 – Enum and Flags members should be uppercase
   Bug 557451 – Add search paths from environment variables
   Bug 557451 – Add search paths from environment variables
   Bug 557466 – Module name mangling considered harmful
   Bug 557579 – Remove use of GJS_USE_UNINSTALLED_FILES in favor of
   Bug 557772 - gjs_invoke_c_function should work with union and boxed as well
   Bug 558114 – assertRaises should print return value
   Bug 558115 – Add test for basic types
   Bug 558148 – 'const char*' in arguments are leaked
   Bug 558227 – Memory leak if invoked function returns an error
   Bug 558741 – Mutual imports cause great confusion
   Bug 558882 – Bad error if you omit 'new'
   Bug 559075 – enumerating importer should skip hidden files
   Bug 559079 – generate code coverage report
   Bug 559194 - Fix wrong length buffer in get_obj_key()
   Bug 559612 - Ignore deprecated methods definitions.
   Bug 560244 - support for strv parameters

  md5sum: 9452941db2fefc0125b8ad0dc79226e6

  md5sum: b2d3546f8d97d0feada04aed41e5bbca

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