gnome-applets 2.25.1

This is the first development release of the 2.25 series. There are not
many changes so far, although the multiload applet has made a
significant change in the way it reports network load. Some of the
changes also appeared in 2.24.1.

Changes in GNOME-Applets 2.25.1

 - Tag the GtkBuilder files so they are translated properly.
   (Changwoo Ryu, 555656.)

Drivemount Applet:
 - Support authentication (Matthias Clasen, 553960).
 - Code cleanups.

Invest Applet:
 - Catch errors in parsing the downloaded files (Callum McKenzie,
 - Add a test suite (Callum McKenzie).
 - Don't ship generated files (553611).

Multiload Applet:
 - Change the old classifications from slip/plip/ethernet/other to
   in/out/local. The colours have also been changed to hilight this.
   (Eric Piel, 327509.)

 - Clicking on the applet now hides the stickynotes if they are visible,
   just as doing so shows them if they are hidden. (Josselin Mouette,
 - Be nice to gconf when installing (Remi Cadrona, 554311.)

Get it from:

 - Callum

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