Eye of GNOME 2.23.2

Hi all,

This is the second development release of Eye of GNOME (EOG) as part of
the 2.23/2.24 development cycle. It has what will become the plugin API
documentation together with some assorted bug fixes and translation

* What is it ?

Eye of GNOME (EOG) is the image viewer for the GNOME desktop.

* What's changed in 2.23.2 ?

New features:

  * Use gtk-doc to document plugin API (Claudio Saavedra)

Bug fixes:

  #530102, Doesn't register support for compressed svg (Franklin Piat)
  #531300, fails to start up due to lcms error (Felix Riemann)
  #531809, scroll view scrollbar needs to have secondary steppers  
           disabled (Benjamin Berg)

New and updated translations:

- Petr Kovar [cs]
- Ivar Smolin [et]
- Andrea Decorte [fur]
- Ignacio Casal Quinteiro [gl]
- Tino Meinen [nl]

* Where can I get it ?

Source code:

md5sum: 644fd28b6d3a7bbae002d52a32cd7c1c

md5sum: 858b3f68804dd77512cd9ec37734d354


The EOG team

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