Deskbar-Applet 2.23.2 released

In this release the get_tooltip method has been added to the Action class. Sub-classes can override this method and return a string that will be displayed in a tooltip when the user hovers over its description (this requires PyGTK >= 2.12). In addition, beagle-live can now distinguish between e-mails from thunderbird and evolution.


Changes since 2.23.1
* Set snippet correctly for feeds, web history and E-Mails in beagle-live. Changed displayed text slightly for those actions. * Show tooltip when hovering over the arrow if more than one action is available. * Added get_tooltip method to Action interface. Override this method to display a tooltip when the user hovers over the match (the default action's tooltip is displayed) or over an action in the list of additional actions.
    * Fixed bug #522585: Crash when changing default browser
* Added support for iceweasel browser. When the default browser is changed mozilla and iceweasel are supported, too. When Firefox is used and the command must contain firefox instead of being exactly firefox * Added OpenThunderbirdMailMessageAction. Mail messages are now opened in either evolution or thunderbird (fixes #420475). Display e-mail address as author when no name is available
Contributors to this release: Sebastian Pölsterl

Updated Translations:
    * British English
    * Norwegian bokmål
    * Spanish

Contributors to the translations: Philip Withnall, Kjartan Maraas, Jorge Gonzalez

Sebastian Pölsterl

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