ANNOUNCE: Gossip 0.30 released

Gossip 0.30 is now available for download from:

0be7a32b11a0957dcf8bddecfdfcd37e  gossip-0.30.tar.gz
d36603e333f77dba51a6750dec036f8b  gossip-0.30.tar.bz2

What is it?
Gossip is an instant messaging client for GNOME with an easy-to-use
interface, providing users of the GNOME Desktop with a friendly way to
keep in touch with their friends.

Where can I find out more?
You can visit the project web site:

What's New?

Gossip now depends on Loudmouth 1.3.4

Note: this has a TCP issue which means connections are sometimes dropped
on some routers, to fix this, compile Loudmouth by disabling TCP
stayalives. You can do this by editing the config.h file after
configuring the package and commenting out the USE_TCP_KEEPALIVES #define.

It is also recommended that the --with-asyncns switch is used when
building Loudmouth so there are no synchronous DNS lookups blocking the
user interface from drawing.

Also new is that group chat backend has been refactored to fix a number
of issues. This mostly affects private chat between contacts from chatrooms.

Bugs Fixed:
- Fixed #347026, groupchat topic is changed local even though user have
not the permission (Martyn Russell)
- Fixed #350333, Uncorrect displaying of received private messages from
another groupchat participant (Martyn Russell)
- Fixed #435273, Usability issue: merge status submenu into task icon
menu (Martyn Russell)
- Fixed #522388, Add context menu to groupchat contact list (Igor
Stepura, Martyn Russell)
- Fixed #536683, Find entry behavior a little bit confusing (Martyn Russell)
- Fixed #541651, Contacts are offline if they go offline and come back
online (Martyn Russell)

- Updated ca: Jordi Mallach
- Updated cs: Petr Kovar
- Updated es: Jorge González, Jorge Gonzalez
- Updated nb: Sigurd Gartmann, Kjartan Maraas
- Updated sv: Daniel Nylander

Manual Translations:

20 July 2008
Gossip team

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