Brasero 0.7.1 Release!

Hi everyone!

I'm glad to present the bug fix release of the 0.7.x series of Brasero
your favorite Gnome Burning application.

This is just a bug fix release that fixes some important bugs reported
by our users, we recommend to upgrade to 0.7.1.

List of changes:

bgo #505785 - About dialog use "program-name" i.s.o. "name" for GTK >
bgo #506063 - Brasero fails miserably from burning a file > 4GB
bgo #506950 - All --build-* don't work in configure..
bgo #507316 - Brasero does not allow making ISO when there is no blank media in the drive
bgo #510022 - Brasero needs to switch to kernel inotify headers
bgo #510329 - x-content/* support
bgo #510479 - Automatically set version in X-GNOME-Bugzilla-Version desktop key
bgo #510620 - brasero is not able to load a playlist in a Audio project
bgo #508654 - Windows-compatibility doesn't truncate 64+ characters files. 
brasero-md5sum-file wasn't properly copying the track.

You can get the tarball in the usual place:


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