[ANNOUNCE] mousetweaks 2.21.90

* What is mousetweaks ?

mousetweaks provides mouse accessibility enhancements for the GNOME desktop.

1. It offers a way to perform the various clicks without using
   any hardware button. (Dwell Click)

2. It allows users to perform secondary clicks by doing a click&hold of
   the primary button.

3. It provides 2 optional gnome-panel applets. A dwell-click applet to select
   different click-types and a pointer-capture applet to temporarily lock the
   pointer on the panel.

* What has changed ?

Misc improvements/fixes:

	Gerd Kohlberger:
	- Move context menus of applets to external XML file
	- Mark schema files for translation and update descriptions
	- Fix command-line -m switch to enable the correct mode

	Francesco Fumanti, Gerd Kohlberger:
	- Addition and updates of man pages

New and updated translations:
	- [ar] Djihed Afifi
	- [ca] Gil Forcada
	- [es] Jorge Gonzalez
	- [eu] Inaki Larranaga Murgoitio
	- [it] Luca Ferretti
	- [ja] keblo1 gmail com imported from Launchpad
	- [nb] Kjartan Maraas
	- [pt] Duarte Loreto
	- [sl] Matej Urbancic
	- [sv] Daniel Nylander

* Where is it available ?

Source Code:

MD5: 0f227444c5456704cc9a1a29d8baebdb

MD5: 0ae393660c11be7ce4a254ad4ef049dc

Best regards.


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