gnome-applets 2.21.3

Changes in GNOME-Applets 2.21.3
Codename: "Fate Amenable to Change"

One really big change: libgweather has been moved off to it's own
module, so if you want to build gnome-applets, you'll need that
too. The module is, naturally enough, named libgweather. The benefit
of this change is that you'll soon be seeing weather related info
elsewhere in your desktop.

Changes since the 2.21.2 release:
 Accessx Status Applet:
  - Make bug buddy work for this applet (Kjartan Maraas).
 Character Picker:
  - Documentation fixes.
 CPU Frequency Monitor:
  - Fix memory leaks (kripkensteiner gmail com).
 Keyboard Indicator:
  - The layout can now be printed from the preview (Sergey Udaltsov).
  - Require libgnomekbd or later (Sergey Udaltsov).
  - Accelerators have been removed from the menu since they were 
    virtually never usable and now you won't be tempted to type Ctrl-T 
    in an unfortunate context. The normal under-score style menu 
    sortcuts are still available (Ted Gould).
 Null Applet:
  - Make sure our example doesn't crash (Ray Strode).
 Sticky Notes:
  - Better alignment in the UI (Christian Rose, Andrew Burton).
  - Don't install documentation from obsolete applets (Kjartan Maraas).

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Documentation Translations:
 ca, sv

It can be downloaded from:

and mirrors.

 - Callum

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