libgweather 2.21.1

libgweather 2.21.1

I am pleased to announce the first stand-alone release of libgweather.
This library provides access to weather information from the
net and is used by programs such as the weather report applet.

The library was previously part of the gnome-applets package and this
release corresponds with the 2.21.3 release of gnome-applets. Since
the last release of gnome-applets, the following changes have been
made to libgweather:

 - Locations.xml has been moved from gweather to libgweather and a
   pkg-config variable has been added to let applications find it.
 - Units are now marked for translation.
 - New functions to parse temperatures and wind speeds.
 - Locations.xml fixes.

It can be obtained from:

and mirrors.

 - Callum

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