[Announce] Tracker 0.6.2

Im pleased to announce a new much improved version of tracker which has
been highly tuned and optimised to give excellent performance (in most




* New Sqlite based indexer which utlises the new incremental blob I/O
in sqlite 3.4

* Highly optimised email indexing (up to 5x faster)

* Dramatically reduced disk access and disk contention 

* Indexer now pauses for a grace period when non-tracker processes write
to disk (providing changed files are being watched by tracker) -
minimises slowdowns when compiling or checking out source code

* Makes use of idle class disk IO scheduling if available

* Makes preliminary use of NO_ATIME (some disk access still uses fopen)

* Fixed restore of user metadata on re-index (keywords are

* Added increased number of (junk) files to automatically ignore

* Improved stopwords

* New deskbar handler that uses the new deskbar api (2.19+)

* Fixed old deskbar handler to remove race condition causing crashes

* Fixed a number of annoying bugs in email indexing and tracker

This version will cause your hard drive to be re-indexed due to the new
sqlite indexer backend

What is it?

Tracker is a combination desktop search and metadata database providing
the ability to tag all your files and emails as well as searching for


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