TMut 1.0.0 - Mobile E-mail client

I hereby announce the availability of TMut's first version (v1.0.0).


TMut is an E-mail client designed to be used on mobile devices with
small screen sizes, like Phones.

TMut leverages the Tinymail framework which implements all the "hard
stuff" about E-mail connectivity, caching of data, support for
protocols, support for the Lemonade features on modern IMAP servers and
a bunch of default UI components.

TMut can be used as a developer's starting point to develop a E-mail
client for a specific device.

This version of TMut has no account configuration screen by itself yet.
By default it uses GConf. It can easily be configured or compiled to use
a .ini storage for its configuration.

Among TMut's features you'll find:

  * Support multiple accounts simultaneously
      * Open and display text/plain and text/html E-mail
      * Open and display IMAP folders
      * Open and display the INBOX of a POP account
      * Delete IMAP and Maildir folders
      * Create IMAP and Maildir folders
      * Move IMAP and Maildir folders
      * Copy IMAP, POP and Maildir folders
      * Rename IMAP and Maildir folders
      * Delete messages from IMAP folders
      * Delete messages from POP folders
      * Move messages from one folder to another
      * Copy messages from one folder to another
      * Put the connection in IDLE on IMAP and receive notifications
      * Create new messages
      * Create a reply of a message
      * Create a forward of a message, as attachment
      * Have accurate progress information
      * Do QRESYNC on IMAP
      * Do BINARY on IMAP
      * Do IDLE on IMAP
      * Do various SSL and TLS encrypting
      * Do various authentication method

For more information:

Video demo:


Branch in Subversion repository:

Trunk in Subversion repository:


8d86df2ddb9598787573121778661c82  tmut-1.0.0.tar.bz2
228e73f07bd4b503b36eefc0217cfae3  tmut-1.0.0.tar.gz

Packages, OpenEmbedded (usually these are older releases as the poor
packagers have to pickup this announcement too):


The Tinymail framework. Recommended release is either Tinymail's pre
release v0.0.4, its upcoming pre release v0.0.5 or its current latest
version in the source code repository.

As tar.gz package:

Source code from Subversion:

Philip Van Hoof, freelance software developer
home: me at pvanhoof dot be 
gnome: pvanhoof at gnome dot org

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