Hotwire 0.600 available

Hello world,

Hotwire 0.600 is now available.  The list of changes on the wiki takes
the full screen on my laptop, so I figured I should do a release
before I get the temptation to add in more stuff =)

Source Download link:
Home page:

What is Hotwire (short version):
Hotwire is a Python-based object oriented crossplatform command execution shell.
Hotwire is not a terminal emulator, nor is it something you can set as
your Unix "login shell"; instead, Hotwire unifies the concepts of
shell and terminal and can natively do about 80-90% of what one would
normally do in a terminal+shell; for the rest, Hotwire can embed VTE.
Practically speaking, Hotwire provides a modern command interface for
developers and system administrators to interact with the computer.

Changes copy/paste from wiki:
Changes in Hotwire 0.600 (Current Release)

Hotwire now runs again at a basic level on Windows, though this is
very much a work in progress.  See:

Visible changes:

    * Basic input to system commands is now supported (press Ctrl-I)
    * Drag and drop works for files in FilePathRenderer? (ls/cd)
    * Remove SHIFT keybinding for choosing completions; it was confusing
    * New write builtin writes pipelines to files (with -p option for pickling)
    * New py builtin allows running arbitrary Python code on current
pipeline output ( issue 46 )
    * New current builtin replaces last
    * Can start a pipeline with | as a shortcut for current | .
    * New sechash builtin for creating secure hashes
    * New mkdir builtin, creates directories.
    * Improved internal Python interactive evaluator (now available in the menu)
    * Rebind Home/End to change input position; Control-Home/End now
scroll output.
    * Right click menu on files gains "Move to trash" item.
    * Secondary tabs and new windows inherit default working directory
from creating tab
    * Secondary tabs and new windows show ls as initial display
    * Reworked command header display to be cleaner
    * Command displays and terminal widgets can be turned into
toplevel windows (Ctrl-Shift-N)
    * Can click on completions to choose them (future
CompletionSystem2 will handle this better)
    * Terminal foreground and background colors may now be configured
    * Improved internal text editor with cancel dialog, better
keybindings [ Owen Taylor ]
    * Default term more commands like sudo, irssi, mutt, powertop, more
    * Escape key at toplevel should grab input focus
    * help builtin shows available options
    * proc builtin defaults to showing your processes, new -a option for all

Notable bugfixes:

    * Support for gtksourceview2 in addition to gtksourceview
    * Add workaround for terminal sizing issues that mainly affected
vi ( issue #35 )
    * Should run again without gnomevfs or GConf bindings on Unix (to
help the OS X port)
    * Support cd to symbolic links to directories ( issue #20 ).
    * Fixed fallback application launching to work with xarchiver and
other apps ( issue #34 )

Important other changes:

    * State (history and preferences) are now stored in a SQLite
database. This change should be transparent, but may impact usage on
NFS for example, so is noted here.

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