gThumb 2.10.4 [stable] released

gThumb 2.10.4 [stable] is released

gThumb is an Image Viewer and Browser.

gThumb 2.10.4 is now available for download at:


This is a bug-fix-only release for the stable branch. The UI is unchanged. The main reason for the release is to correct the slightly-too-late call to g_thread_init, which was causing obscure and hard-to-understand crashes (bug #447311).

All bug fixes in 2.10.4

* Fixed Bug 432759 - update of the thumbnail index when files are
  added. Properly generates thumbnails for slowly generated files
  (e.g., files from a slow scanner, or oscilloscope images sent
  over a serial port).

* Deleted unused functions: thumb_loader_get_max_file_size,
  thumb_loader_get_path, thumb_loader_set_uri, thumb_loader_get_uri,

* When generating a new thumbnail, scale the image only if the
  original size is larger than the requested size.

* Fixed Bug #440036 - index image maps are not xhtml compliant

* Fixed Bug #438716 - IPTC comments are not seen by Picasa

* Fixed Bug #444656 - write folders to CD does not work

* Fixed Bug #446133 - Add PPM to supported types during import

* Fixed Ubuntu bug 119769 - Escape angle brackets in filenames

* Fixed Bug #447311 - g_thread_init warning when starting gthumb

Updated translations

Japanese (ja)


2.10.x is the current stable branch of gThumb.

Earlier versions are obsolete. Active distros that still use 2.7.x (ahem, FC6) should upgrade immediately to 2.8.1, which is the stable termination of the unstable 2.7.x series. There are no UI changes between 2.7.9 and 2.8.1. No further bug fixes are going into 2.8.x.

Development is happening in trunk and the metadata-ideas branch. No releases have been made yet from the development code.

Upgrade and enjoy!

- Mike

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