goobox 1.9.1

goobox 1.9.1 is now available for download at:

5a4909c817418e42a551f10ac904ecc2  goobox-1.9.1.tar.bz2
b33d5fd7fd9c367baa3b974d78bf2b2f  goobox-1.9.1.tar.gz

This is a development release in a series leading to goobox 2.0.
Note that goobox 1.0 has never been released because the 0.9.x development series is based on libraries that are now obsolete.

About Goobox

Goobox is a CD player and ripper for the GNOME desktop environment.

Overview of changes between 0.9.93 and 1.9.1

- New features:

  * Ported to GStreamer 0.10 and MusicBrainz 2.1.  Removed CDDBSlave
  * Moved the extraction options in the preferences dialog.
  * Added next/stop actions in the notification window.
  * Show the CD cover and other information in the tray icon tooltip.
  * Use the xdg MUSIC dir as default destination to extract tracks.
  * Allow to change the volume with a single click and a drag action.
  * Show the artist column in the track list when the CD is of variuos
  * Use a single window for each CD drive.
  * Allow to extract the selected tracks from the track list context
  * Added a --stop command line option.
  * Download the cover from amazon if the asin is available.

- Notable bugfixes:

  * More hig compliant menus.
  * Use stock icons as much as possible.  Update the icons when the icon
    theme changes.  Install a theme-friendly application icon.
  * Do not allow to open more than one preferences dialog.
  * Ported to GOption.
  * Save the cover at the original size, resize the cover before
    displaying it.
  * Read the list of available drives only at startup time to not stop
    playing the CD when the preferences dialog is opened.
  * Fixed extraction of tracks with spacial characters.
  * In the ripper dialog show the remaining time only when the forecast
    starts to stabilize.

19 June 2007
Paolo Bacchilega

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