GNOME Blogs ( upgraded to WordPress MU

Buenos días, amantes de la libertad! Good morning freedom lovers!

Those of you using have hopefully already noticed that we've
had a bit of an upgrade today... is now a WordPress MU host!

What does that mean for you, and other budding bloggers waiting to join you?

 * A rocking user experience for blogging, built on the foundations of
   everybody’s favourite blogging tool, WordPress.

 * Multiple blogs: Yes, you can run more than just one blog! You may want
   one for yourself, one for your project. Do be nice though, there’s only
   one namespace here.

 * Multiple authors: You can invite existing users to participate on your
   blog - perfect for developer teams to contribute to a project blog. There
   are a few different user levels, so you can act as 'editor' to a team of
   contributors, give core maintainers complete administrative access, etc.

 * Some cool themes to start you off, including the beautiful stylesheetage
   opportunity that is Sandbox. You can apply custom CSS to any theme using
   the 'Custom CSS' page under Presentation options. Make your blog *yours*.

 * Customisable sidebar widgets, and some cool widget plugins to play with
   straight away. Stick a Twitter or Flickr feed in your sidebar, and let
   everyone know where you’re at. Under Presentation > Sidebar Widgets.

 * Spam protection thanks to the Bad Behavior plugin, enabled by default on
   every blog and automagic closing of comments after 21 days of inactivity.
   We’re going to wait and see what the spam is like before implementing
   other measures.

 * All the mod cons you’d expect from WordPress: XMLRPC, APP, feeds, GUI
   editor, blogrolls, great management of pages, categories and comments.

 * Seamless migration from NewsBruiser, and thorough redirection to a much
   better URL scheme. Not only have we maintained your Google-juice, we’ve
   enhanced it!

 * Best of all... Easy sign-up! Anyone with a, or
   email address can join and start blogging immediately.


- Jeff

GUADEC 2007 in Beautiful Birmingham         
              Fierce Commerce. Fierce Freedom. Free Software.

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