Hotwire 0.556 released

Hotwire 0.556 is released, and this is the first time I've sent mail
to g-a-l about it.

Hotwire is a primary replacement for gnome-terminal+/bin/sh for
developers and system administrators.
More information:

Download link:

What's new in this release
Changes in Hotwire 0.556:

   * Hotwire keeps track of "hot" working directories and offers them
as completions when using 'cd'.
   * Completions now have icons (useful to distinguish real files
from history completions)
   * New builtin 'fsearch' is like fgrep -R, but cooler.
   * New builtin 'prop' for accessing object properties
   * The completion window should flash a lot less during completion
   * Escape hides the completion window
   * Fix shell commands using [] and {}
   * Terminal supports copy/paste with Ctrl-Shift-C, Ctrl-Shift-V.
   * Terminal uses system colors and monospace font
   * Terminal closes when command exits
   * Hotwire is now a singleton on Linux (support for new windows coming soon)

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